What you need to know about Cincinnati’s plastic bag ban

CINCINNATI – The City Council voted on Thursday to ban single-use plastic bags for several businesses in the city of Cincinnati, which went into effect in January 2021. The new ordinance passed with a vote of 7–1.

Cincinnati City Council member Betsy Sundaraman was the lone disruptor, arguing the ordinance would negatively impact people living in poverty.

When it comes into effect, restaurants and “food-service establishments” – a broad term that includes, in the ordinance, grocery stores, corner shops and any other business that sells food in a permanent location – serve customers. Baggage will be prohibited from being received. In single-use plastic bags.

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Instead, customers will be allowed to bring their own bags from home or purchase a reusable paper, plastic or cloth bag from the store.

Here you need to know.

Why this issue? Why Council Care?

Cutting single-use plastics is a nationwide issue that prompts large companies, including Kroger and Starbucks, to take out plastic bags and reduce the use of plastic straws. Single-use plastics are difficult to recycle and can easily become a threat to wildlife, especially in the ocean.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States produces millions of tons of plastic bag waste each year. Most bags go to landfills, where they can take hundreds of years to biodegrade; Less than 10% is recycled.

Does it affect every business in the city?

No, just restaurants and “food-service establishments” ordinance mandates a food-service establishment “a commercial establishment located within the city in a permanent building, operating-year, which sells foods, meats, produce, dairy products, or food items.” , Determined to be consumed away from the premises. ” Sold “- a definition that can include grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacy-groceries such as Walgren’s, butcher shops, candy stores, and more.

Is a “food-service business” free?

Vendors selling food are not required at farmers markets and other temporary programs to follow the ordinances.

How much would a reusable bag cost if I didn’t bring mine?

The ordinance requires businesses to charge at least five cents per bag. However, each individual business may choose to set the price point higher.

The money earned from the reusable bag charge will go towards the business, not to the city of Cincinnati.

What if I can’t stand it?

Customers who are paying for their purchases with Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards, which are used to distribute food stamps and other government assistance, do not have to pay for their bags.

Everyone else needs to give or bring a bag from home.

How is the council going to implement this new rule?

Any business that violates the ordinance using a single-use plastic bag in 2021 can be fined $ 100 per day unless it complies.


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