What would Deadpool think of Ryan Reynolds doing a Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie


Next week, the first live action movie of Pokémon, Detective pikachu, they will arrive at the theaters. Ryan Reynolds is lending his voice to the lead role, and the actor is, of course, known by another popular character: Deadpool. Which raises the question of what would think Deadpool, who often broke the fourth wall, that his actor was the star of a Pokémon movie. According to Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool would be fine with that.

First you heard it here: Pikachu never says a word that is exactly four letters.

Obviously, Ryan Reynolds is talking about a certain curse here, and although I'm sure that adult Pokémon fans are more than ready to listen to Pikachu throwing f-bombs all day long live, I do not think that's going to work well with the younger crowds. It took a lot of people to know that Pikachu was going to say "hell" in the movie.

But in general, Deadpool would totally agree that Ryan Reynolds was going to make a Pokémon movie. In fact, Reynolds told Jake Hamilton that Deadpool would love Detective pikachu. Deadpool can murder people for a living, but he has his softer side. Let's not forget that Deadpool is a big fan of unicorns.

Seeing as the dead Pool Movies love making fun of Ryan Reynolds' career, I wonder if the next dead Pool the movie will refer Detective pikachu absolutely. Considering how much Green Lantern is torn, it would make sense that Deadpool refers to one of the most high-profile movies of Ryan Reynolds. Pikachu sounds almost exactly like Deadpool anyway, so there's your joke!

We do not know when the next one will be. dead Pool The movie will be now that the franchise is firmly within Disney's reach, but at least we do not have to wait long. Detective pikachu. The film follows Tim Goodman (Judge Smith), who must badociate with a Pikachu that only he can understand to find his missing father. The film has many positive comments, although the reviews have indicated that the film could be really nice for Pokémon fans.

Regardless, you can see Detective pikachu in theaters on May 10. There are many other highly successful films coming soon, so for everything else that will come to theaters this year, be sure to check out our movie release guide for 2019. For more news and movie updates, be sure to keep them here in CinemaBlend and we will keep you updated with the new information as soon as it is available.

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