What will happen when the COVID epidemic ends? UCLA researchers publish predictions in report

According to work done by UCLA researchers, a report released on Thursday, the Los Angeles (KABC) – Coronovirus epidemic and the US response will affect the role of family, work life, relationships and gender.The report was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Proceedings of Sciences, and attempts to end the psychological collapse of those who were not infected with the crisis.

The group analyzed 90 research studies to evaluate Americans’ response to the epidemic and to predict the aftermath of the epidemic.Author’s prediction:

– Decreased planned pregnancies in the diseased world, “declining births,” and many couples postponing marriages;

– Single people will be less likely to initiate new relationships, and women who may prefer to remain single will likely live longer on their own;

– During the epidemic, women working with children at home will be less available to work, because they are spending more time in child care and schooling, and may have to depend on male partners to make money. is. UCLA professor of psychology and communication studies Marty Heselton said it would push America toward socially conservative gender norms and could lead to a backslide in gender equality. ‘

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– America is not becoming a more compassionate, sympathetic or compassionate country because of the epidemic, not like the previous crises that brought people closer.

Researchers noted the ability to challenge Americans’ personality and authority, which Benjamin Setz, a UCLA psychology doctoral student, said does not mix well during an epidemic.

“The psychological, social and social consequences of COVID-19 will be very long-lasting,” Haselton said. Now that COVID-19 is underway, these changes are likely to get further entangled. ”

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