What was Rodney McGruder’s beef with Juan Toscano-Anderson of the Warriors?

Neither was Drummond Green, so that it becomes even stranger that the Pistons ‘reserves aggressively attacked at the Chase Center on Saturday night after Golden State’s Detroit 118-91 near the Warriors’ bench.

“When did F — Rodney McGurder become the team’s toughest man?” Green said. “I don’t know, man. Everyone in the league is tough these days. It’s crazy.

“I have seen many difficult people this year. I don’t understand it, and nobody does anything. “

McGarder, who played the final six-minute, 24-second blowout, followed the buzzer to the Warriors’ bench. He went straight for Juan Toscano-Anderson, apparently a question the Warriors’ two-way player directed towards Wayne Ellington during the first half.

The fire was quickly extinguished as no piston player supported McGrador, and instead walked towards his own locker room.

“Get the hell out of here,” Green said. “F — tough guy, Rodney.” Rodney, F — tough guy. Also, I Juan T. Rocking with Juan T, he was about to bring ‘Town Business’.

Stepping out of Kansas State in 2013, McGruder played 112 games for Miami from 2016 to ’19. He played 56 matches for the Clippers last season, including four starts.

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