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What to do with Khalil Mack missing start of the Raiders offseason program

Khalil Mack did not appear on Monday for the start of the Raiders' offseason workouts.

NFL Network reported that fact shortly after the first day of school in Alameda began, but that does not mean Mack gets a demerit. [19659003] These trainings are voluntary. There is no punishment for not showing up.

Mack is not playing with laziness or rancor.

The elite runner and former defensive player of the NFL of the year has not come out and said it, but Mack seems to make a simple request: pay me what I deserve.

The Raiders have plans to do exactly that. At some point a massive and probable contract extension of market establishment is expected. General manager Reggie McKenzie has a budget for it. He is not afraid to pay someone with the talent, character and ethic of Mack's work.

Massive agreements take time. There's still a lot left, and there's no reason to worry about whether Mack skips some of the offseason volunteer strength and conditioning workouts. The Silver and Black would like to make a new deal this offseason, before training camp begins. The sources say that it is a fair expectation, although there is still a lot of work to be done to reach an agreement.

Mack has $ 13,846 million fully guaranteed for the 2018 season in a fifth year option. That's the last part of his rookie contract.

The Raiders plan to employ Mack for a long, long time. The parties discussed the parameters of a new contract. There is no pact, but there is a strong desire of the player and the team to make one.

Mack waited patiently while Field Marshal Derek Carr and right guard Gabe Jackson were paid in June and July, respectively. The fifth-year option allowed the Raiders to push Mack back a year without consequences, but now it's his turn. And its price has gone up.

The Raiders still have more power in these situations, as do all NFL teams, with franchise tags at their disposal to keep Mack without a long-term pact. They can fine you for missing a mandatory June mini-camp and training sessions this summer. They can not do anything to avoid most of this voluntary program out of season.

That leaves Mack in a position to exert some influence and express his desire to accelerate a long-term agreement without recourse, with actions over time. words.

Mack is a tireless worker and a team leader. It is obvious to say that you do not want to miss any time with your teammates or a new coaching staff.

At this time, it is uncertain if Mack will appear at any point of the off-season program without a new contract. His agent, Joel Segal, has retained the players before the offseason programs. He also has a history of getting massive contracts for talented clients.

Just a thought: Maybe it should not show. Abnormal injuries occur in spring training. Mack is not owed anything beyond this year and he certainly deserves to be among the highest paid defensive players in the NFL, with all the guaranteed funds that come with the designation.

Once again, the Raiders are ready to put him in that class. They will continue pressing to do so as the off-season progresses.

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