What Steve Cohen means to Van Vagenen, front office

Philadelphia – The first important decision for the new Mets boss-in-waiting will be who to oversee the baseball operation.

Steve Cohen’s transition to Mets owner won’t be official until next month, when MLB owners vote on a $ 2.4 billion transaction that would leave the hedge fund billionaire as the franchise’s controlling man. However, it is also possible that votes will not be held until the quarterly owners’ meetings in November. Cohen would need 23 out of 29 votes.

The Wilpone and Katz families will abandon their voices on organizational matters, but it is less clear whether general manager Brody Van Wagen will retain control of baseball’s operations.

According to sources, Van Vigenen and Cohen have spoken on several occasions since last winter, when Cohen, a minority partner, held a special chat for the first time to buy the team. While the deal never came to fruition, the potential role of team COO Jeff Wilpon became a key point in the new regime. Cohen also knows key members of the office in front of Van Vagenen, as part of the process of realizing. Cohen had a previous relationship with longtime friend Omar Minaya.

“[Cohen] Brody is no stranger to it, ”a source said.

The Post reported in January that Van Vagenen wanted Cohen’s input on selecting a managerial replacement for Carlos Beltran, who took a step forward after his role in the Astros’ illegal sign-stealing scheme. But Cohen did not want to be involved at the time, given how Van Vagenen handled the situation. Van Vagenen eventually promoted quality control coach Luis Rojas to this position.

Steve Cohen;  Brody van Vegen
Steve Cohen; Brody van VegenEPA, Charles Wenzburg

The source indicated that there is a sense of optimism among Van Vagenen’s staff that Cohen will consider changes to this front office at least next season. This is especially true if Cohen is not cleared by November, when teams are already formulating an offshin strategy. But even though Cohen was approved in October, his timeline for setting up a new front office would be tight.

Cohen is expected to appoint a team president to oversee the club’s daily operations. Those duties are currently handled by Jeff Wilpon.

One possibility would be to allow Cohen Van Wagenen to report directly to him as long as a team president is hired. If Cohen’s team was bought months ago, Van Wagen’s chances of a comeback would be slim.

A former agent, Van Wagenen became the Mets general manager in October 2018, beginning with the resignation of Sandy Alderson last June. Under Van Vagenen, who received a four-year contract, the Mets achieved a score of 86–76 last season.

By the time the Mets, who lost 4–1 on Tuesday, warmed up to these final 11 matches, they would miss the playoffs again, even in an extended format, in which each league had eight Teams will join.

Those results hardly shout “job security”, but Van Wagenen’s calendar may be on his side.

“A new GM is being known to come and give space to its people,” the source said.[Cohen] Jeff’s job is going to take place. Steve is not going to come in and do it himself. ”