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What serpentine should I buy?

Do you want a new device to connect to your TV and play video, but you're not sure which? I have you covered.

I have reviewed almost all the major transmitters in the current market, from Roku to Amazon, from Chromecast to Apple TV, along with all the main Smart TV systems. Let me tell you, with the exception of the TVs that actually run Roku or Amazon software, a streamer is better than the intelligence built into your set. It has more applications, better search, more frequent updates and more.

And most streamers are super affordable, especially considering how much you'll probably use, like, every day, often for several hours in an hour.

In reproduction:
Look at this:

Amazon will sell Apple TV, Google Chromecast after two years …


So, if your current transmitter has problems in the tooth, or if you're just looking for something compatible with the new TV 4K HDR it's likely that I'll be happy with one of these.

Best overall: Roku Streaming Stick Plus

  Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Sarah Tew / CNET

Price: $ 65

Why it's great: Roku is my favorite transmission system, with the most applications, the simplest interface, the best search and a platform independent of the content that does not work Push any provider, such as Amazon video or iTunes over another. The Plus is the most economical transmitter of the company with 4K HDR, and even if your current TV does not support those formats, your next one probably will. His accent on practical features, such as a remote control that can control the volume and power of your television, seals the deal.

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Better if you do not mind You spend $ 170: Apple TV 4K

  apple-tv-4k-2017-13 [19659018] Sarah Tew / CNET
</span></figcaption></figure><p><strong> Price: duh, they're $ 170 </strong></p><p> <strong> Why it's great: </strong> The perfect paper for Roku Plus, the Apple TV costs $ 100 more, but it's the best choice for people who can appreciate its advantages. These include compatibility with <span class= Dolby Vision HDR, flexible conversion superior voice features, better remote control and a smoother and smoother user interface. The Apple TV 4K is so good, it even makes sense if you are not an "Apple person".

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Better if you do not care 4K: Roku Streaming Stick


Sarah Tew / CNET

Price: $ 40

Why it's great: Take all the great features that matter in Streaming Stick Plus, remove 4K and HDR, and you'll have the basic data transmission. The new 2017 version includes that TV remote control, and like its predecessor, it is super fast and eminently affordable. That said, if you plan to get a 4K TV soon, spend the extra money on the Plus.

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Better if you want more than just a streamer & # 39 ;: Nvidia Shield TV

  nvidia-sheild-ces -2017-16.jpg

Sarah Tew / CNET

Price: $ 200

Why it's great: Sure, it's expensive at $ 200 – or $ 180 if you do not want the game controller (if you do) – but if I want a Jack-of-all-video, the Shield is it. In addition to the transmission in 4K and HDR, it offers a robust library of games, both console and Android, built Google Assistant complete with intelligent control for home, NAS access, native Kodi support, server Plex capacity, HDHomeRun integration and much more.

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Better if you want to use Alexa to control TV: Amazon Fire TV

  Amazon Fire TV 2017

Sarah Tew / CNET

Price: $ 70

Why is it great: Alexa. It's great because of Alexa. If you have a speaker Echo or Dot you can activate Fire TV to start applications, play programs, fast forward / rewind and a lot of other things . Talking about the remote control also works well. Of course, you'll get a screen full of Amazon promotions every time you turn it on, which is one of the reasons why we like Roku the most in the 4K HDR broadcast space. But … Alexa, right?

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Better if it's a phone and / or addict to YouTube: Chromecast

  google-chromecast -2015-29.jpg

Sarah Tew

Price: $ 35

Why is it great: Because the phone. In fact, child, if you are reading this on your phone and you are wondering if there is a YouTube video that provides the same information, but on the move, a longer and preferably self-formed style, you may prefer to broadcast through Chromecast. It does not have a remote control, which for people like me makes it inferior, but it can be considered a triumph.

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Better if you & # 39; only a huge miser: Roku Express


Sarah Tew / CNET

Price: $ 27.17

Why is it great: SEE THAT PRICE? Welp, that's why it's great. And for that price, it is to be expected that it will appeal, but it really does not. The Express offers all the benefits of the Roku platform, includes a remote control and even comes with an HDMI cable and a small sticker to keep it in place. Unlike last year's version, response times are pleasant and fast. And if you need one that works with TVs that lack HDMI, see the Express Plus for $ 35

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What about the others?

If I expected a mention of Roku Ultra Chromecast Ultra Apple TV (not 4K) or Amazon Fire TV Stick this is pretty much. They are fine, but not as recommendable as the previous ones because the niche they fill is even narrower (the first two) and / or I like a competitor product in the same better price range (the last two, overshadowed by Apple) 4K TV and Roku Streaming Stick, respectively).

Anyway, seven selections are enough.

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