What Pokémon are still missing in Pokemon Go?


Pokemon Go players from around the world have the opportunity to complete another hole in their Pokedex with the temporary global release of Farfetch as part of the Global Catch Challenge.

Now that most of the players have crossed Farfetch, out of their "catch" list, there is a less new species of Pokémon to find in Pokemon Go . With the release of Legendary Pokemon during the summer, there is no shortage of Pokémon from Pokemon Go although there are still a couple of Pokémon that have not been added to the game.

Then the Pokémon are still missing in Pokemon Go and when can we expect to see them? We have a summary of all Pokémon Pokemon Go not available, so keep scrolling to see which Pokémon have not yet appeared in the game:

Slide 1/3 – Ho-Oh
Slide 2/3 – Smeargle
Slide 3/3 – Delibird

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