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What Mercury retrograde 2017 means for family relationships during the holidays

& # 39; It's the season to be happy, but it's also the season for Mercury to get in the way. If you still did not know, the last Mercury retrograde in 2017 lasts from December 3 to December 22, which means that we are in full 19 days of astrological panic right in the middle of the holiday season. Naturally, with many of our compasses returning home during the holidays, many people wonder what Mercury retrograde means for family relationships during the holidays, and if there is anything they can do to avoid unnecessary drama before it unfolds.

Mercury retrograde, by the way, is not a real astronomical phenomenon, but a perceived one. The agreement is that the relative positions of Earth and Mercury are set in such a way during a retrograde that is seen as Mercury moving backwards when, in fact, its orbit is the same as always. But in astrology, a planet in retrograde means that the things it governs tend to get out of control, and Mercury is infamously the ruler of most of the things that keep our lives running smoothly. Among these things are transport, technology and communication, all of which can cause some real drama if they are disturbed during the holidays.


The first problem you should consider? Delayed travel Many offices close in the days leading up to Christmas, which means that roads will be blocked and airports will be full. While you do the accounting the same way you do every year, in 2017 you may want to prepare yourself to be worse than normal. A family member could get stuck due to a storm, or need to be picked up from the airport at deeply inconvenient time, or missed some of the festivities. It is bound to make the atmosphere tense, especially because the odds are that the shared living spaces will be more full of relatives than usual; just remember to take a deep breath and take it easy. Everyone will eventually come home, and delays in travel are not anyone's fault (usually).

However, a decidedly greater concern is the lack of communication that could arise during retrograde. You may discover that there is something you express to a loved one that you interpret in a completely different way than you meant. If you are away from a loved one, they may communicate unexpectedly. You may also find that although your family held you together and did not end up discussing politics or about the current state of the world during Thanksgiving, Mercury Retrograde is basically pushing you to mention it now, and everyone is obligated to take it. . more personally than they would otherwise. Decide before you get home what arguments, if any, you are willing to participate, and perhaps stay away from family members with whom you disagree if you decide to get an extra glass of eggnog. If someone is going to hit for something during the holidays, they should be clear-headed.


During this particular retrograde, be especially kind to the members of your Gemini family: whatever you feel at this time astrologically, you have worsened it. There was a full moon in Gemini on December 3 just as Mercury retrograde began, which only increased what they were already feeling, and it is likely that they are still recovering from that.

In that sense, be especially kind this holiday season, and be patient when you can. Everyone is a little upset and stressed by the effects of the retrograde and general chaos of the workload prior to the holidays, but, as always, vacations are what you do, whether you're sitting in traffic for 12 hours. hours or not.

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