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What matters in Hollywood today | Today in the entertainment news bulletin (06/12/2017)

Photographed by Christopher Patey

Shonda Rhimes, the prolific creator and media entrepreneur behind Shondaland.com, writes a note praising the women who have come forward and urging Hollywood to stop "erasing" women's stories:

a company directed by me. My production partner is a woman. My production manager is a woman. I can count the number of men who work in my offices, on the one hand, I am surrounded by women. In four out of five of my shows, my line producers are Women directing our shows. I am so immersed in a matriarchal bubble that I forgot a simple truth: it is a bubble, and a small one.

Women, real and three-dimensional women, are being erased from the stories told in this town. Deleted from agent offices, presentation meetings, C-suites, writers rooms, sets, post-production. And when they are present, women are often used as the bright object in a story. it became the subject. It's almost embarrassing to admit it, but right now? Hollywood is the villain in this story. You love him.

+ ICM Partners is committed to achieving gender parity of 50-50 by 2020. Rhimes, a client of the agency, encouraged the big step towards "mentoring women in leadership positions"

Elsewhere in the film …

The New York Times & # 39; latest Harvey Weinstein Report: The new story of the newspaper about "the machine of Weinstein's complicity" is nonsense, which details how the producer in disgrace relied on politicians, media moguls and business leaders to protect themselves.

+ Lena Dunham says she warned Hillary Clinton's campaign officials, by saying: "I just want you to know that Harvey is a rapist and this is going to come up at some point"

► [19659008] Person of the year : the movement against harassment. The cover features a group photo composed of Ashley Judd, Taylor Swift, Susan Fowler and more.

+ Judd on the broken Hollywood system: "We were supposed to call some moviedom fancy general prosecutor? There was no room for us to report these experiences"

+ Swift in his groping trial testimony: "I was angry." At that point, I decided to give up the formalities of the courtroom and answer the questions the way it happened.This man had not considered any formalities when he attacked me, and his lawyer did not repress my mother, why should I be nice? "

Terry Crews sued WME and agent Adam Venit for alleged assault. The complaint was filed Monday in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

^ The Post revised. "It's a dramatic story full of all kinds of dynamics, politics and personalities, and Spielberg runs out of the gate with a quick clip, extends his hand and almost orders the viewer to hold on and be carried away by the trip . ", writes Todd McCarthy. You love him.

+ What others say: "Meryl Streep's best vehicle in years". – Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair . "There is a bit of nonsense for the taste with which the film intends to inspire, but I will be condemned if it is not an effective call to arms." – Kevin Fallon, The Daily Beast . "Meryl Streep elevates The Message beyond its obvious message." – Chris Nashawaty, EW .

Warner Bros. builds the next movie list under a cloud of uncertainty. As parent Time Warner waits to see if he's allowed to merge with AT & T, studio boss Toby Emmerich completes the 2019 calendar with the
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