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Amanda Marsalis

Six great filmmakers – Guillermo del Toro, Greta Gerwig, Patty Jenkins, Angelina Jolie, Denis Villeneuve and Joe Wright – open up to Stephen Galloway to talk about acting management, firing staff and what it feels like to direct a film that bombs: "People think you're going ahead, but you do not."

When choosing the right projects:

DEL TORO: In 25 years, I had only one bad experience: [ Mimic ] in 1997 in Miramax / Dimension. I learned that great word, which was "no", which is the same in all languages, but I learned it. It's like adopting a baby tiger. A year later, that tiger baby eats his face.

When directing for the first time:

GERWIG: I learned that I could do it. I do not think you know until you're on the other end of something like that. Take the jump and wait for a parachute connected.

Having to be the bad guy:

JOLIE: When I started, I wanted everyone to feel that this was the best experience. And then I realized, there may be days when they do not want me. I prefer that they do not want me and that they are proud of the final result.

VILLENEUVE: You're not there to make friends. You love him.

Elsewhere in the movie …

Harvey Weinstein's saga had another memorable day. On the one hand, Harvey, Bob Weinstein, The Weinstein Company and Miramax were beaten with a clbad action lawsuit by a group of six women, whose claim includes a R.I.C.O. load. The New York Times also sued the Weinstein Co. for more than $ 229,567.68 in unpaid advertising bills. And LA Times reports that Weinstein's former badistant, Sandeep Rehal, is also preparing to sue Weinstein for alleged badual harbadment that included providing him with erectile dysfunction medication and storing his apartment in women's lingerie.

+ Bloomberg Businessweek has a new profile of David Boies entitled "Superstar lawyer linked to Harvey Weinstein has no panic". Fragment: "Boies and Weinstein could not be a more incongruous couple: the lawyer is lanky and cerebral, the potbellied and volcanic producer." Boies, born in Sycamore, Ill., Looks like a disheveled professor.Weinstein, of Queens, NY, introduces himself as a bull shark. "

+ The calculation of harbadment also claimed some names from the cultural institutions of the East Coast yesterday: Lorin Stein, the influential editor of The Paris Review resigned amid an internal investigation, and Leonard Lopate and Jonathan Schwartz of WNYC was suspended.

The new code of conduct for the Academy: The board of governors of the Oscar organization approved a new "Standards of conduct" that their 8,427 members are expected to comply with. It has only a couple of paragraphs and includes the key phrase: "There is no place in the Academy for people who abuse their status, power or influence in a way that violates recognized standards of decency."

And Bryan The singer's replacement is … Dexter Fletcher ( Eddie the Eagle ) will take the reins of Bohemian Rhapsody the movie biography of the queen starring Rami Malek from which Singer was fired.

All the new release date of Money in the World : Monday, Dec. 25. The movie, which Ridley Scott is currently reworking without Kevin Spacey, was originally scheduled for December 22 (a Friday), a date that was recently promoted by trailers last week.

L.A. Forest fires: The regular order was suspended for many in the Los Angeles area yesterday when forest fires spread through southern California, prompting the mayor to order 150,000 evacuate their homes, including large swaths of Bel Air. The Getty Center closed as a result, and Rupert Murdoch confirmed that his vineyard estate experienced damage.

+ Lea Michele shared her evacuation experience: "I grabbed my cat and that's it."

^ The Phantom Thread revised. "Less grandiose than the last three characteristics of the scriptwriter and director, as well as more controlled by precision, this is a melodrama of love, desire and cunning between three control fans represented in a real house of meals in which the winner to be determined by who fades at the end, "writes Todd McCarthy. Full review

Critics Awards: The Shape of Water leads with 14 nominations, giving the film another impulse boost; Del Toro was also named best director by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association this week. See the full list of nominees.

Sundance Festival, Black Mirror -style: This year's New Frontier program will feature virtual reality works by high-profile film directors such as Darren Aronofsky and Megan Ellison, as well as an interactive project called Frankenstein AI: A monster made by many that reimagines the literary clbadic of Mary Shelley.

Ryan Reynolds will star in the Pokemon movie Detective Pikachu . Reynolds joins Justice Smith ( Jurbadic World: Fallen Kingdom ) and Big Little Lies to actress Kathryn Newton in the real action movie, which will begin shooting in mid from January.

+ In the works: James Mangold ( Walk the Line ) will direct an untitled film by Patty Hearst, with Elle Fanning in conversations to star in the paper title … Sally Field is writing a memo called In Pieces scheduled to be published next fall … It's star Jack Dylan Grazer will join the cast of the DC Comics movie Shazam!

Apple enrolls Jason Katims, production partner Michelle Lee. The technology giant continues to complete his creative team: Lee, who oversaw the production company based on Katims Universal Television, will serve as a creative executive starting January 1.

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