What Matt Negi, Ryan Pace expected from Bears at QB in 2021

During Wednesday’s press conference featuring Beers general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Neggie, one thing was abundantly clear: Mitchell Trubisky will not bear in 2021.

Being honest is good for all sides. Trubisky has a chance to make a fresh start, while Paes and Negi have a chance to distance themselves from Trubisky with an eye toward the future.

Only, that future includes Nick Foles, who Beers traded for the previous offseason. Foles is on contract for two more seasons, and withholding a trade, Chicago is financially bound for him.

And with Pace and Negi talking about how well Fole handled everything in their first season with the Bears, it looks like we’re ready for another season of Foles, along with another quarterback whom they Want to choose, whether he is a veteran or a cheater or both.

“Especially with Foles, as we look at that, and I reflect on that and that move and he’s under contract for us. I respect the way he handled a lot of adversities this year, Not in the quarterback room for himself, “Pace. said. “He was a leader in the room as a starter or as a backup. And I think when you were playing, you went back and there were some things that, in fairness, the offensive line was a bit unstable and the run game wasn’t quite where we wanted it to be. And then unfortunately he was injured. So I think there is still some evaluation left.

The first season of Foles was with Beers, which was not envisaged by Nagi and Pace. In seven starts (and one half), Foles set a 2–5 record. He completed 64.74% of his passes for 1,852 yards with 10 touchdowns and eight interceptions for an 80.8 passer rating.

“I appreciate the way Nick handled the entire season and it wasn’t easy,” Nagy said. “And we learned that as soon as we went through that, how we work as coaches, how he works as a player. I know that there was a discussion about the connection of all of us at different times in Nick’s career, and that grew a lot when I saw him as a rogue in 2012 as a backup in 2016 in Kansas City. Other coaches were taken as employees. He had different areas.

“You go back and you say that when we stepped in for him, you see that we weren’t able to get that child, which I think helped him in so many different ways. Will be because things are different. You can’t just add Kansas City and Philadelphia and say it’s the same crime. You can’t do that. But there’s a growing process. I think as we look at his situation Let’s see, just like Ryan said, he got off his tail in regards to doing a lot of good things for us. And are there areas where he can improve? Totally. Are there such areas Where can we help them as a coaching staff? Yes. “

Ultimately Foles was a disappointment. But Pace and Negi are putting their faith behind Fol in 2021. It is not there to see if it is real. After all, this time last season, Leonard Floyd and Adam Shaheen were praised. And look how panned out.

It’s clear that Byers has been primed to make a move at quarterback this offseason – again – and it will likely come through the 2021 NFL Draft. However Pace is thought to have another chance to draft a franchise quarterback that builds a bit of confidence.

“We talk about the quarterback position and how important it is to the success of any team and we understand that,” Pace said. “And that’s why it will be a big focus for us and a big decision for us.”

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