What J.T. Will Barrett make Ohio State participate in the Big Ten Championship Game vs. Wisconsin? – Bill Livingston (photos)


CLEVELAND, Ohio – The past of J.T. Barrett is a confusing prelude to the moment when Ohio State's fifth-year quarterback faces Saturday night at the Big Ten Championship Game.

Barrett has been an unexpected savior after Braxton Miller fell pre-season practice; then he was the man the Buckeyes could not afford to lose against Michigan, but they lost anyway, and the Buckeyes still won the Game and the national championship.

Barrett became the backup of Cardale Jones; then a field marshal in a situational red zone only; the next one a start again; then he was suspended for a game for a drunk driving offense; then, starting over, they lost the game they could not afford to lose against Michigan State; and finally, they conquered Michigan and Notre Dame (all in 2015)

Barrett has been The Man, without a doubt, without looking over his shoulder pads, in a team that won nothing, not even a divisional tiebreaker, but came to the playoffs and it looked like he had no business there (2016)

Barrett was widely outdone by the presumptive winner of the Heisman Baker Mayfield Trophy of Oklahoma; then he played the fourth quarter of a scandalous victory over Penn State as if it were a video game; He was then mistreated the following week by Nathan Stanley of Iowa, of whom you had not particularly listened; He then repeated his role as the man they could not afford to lose against Michigan, but he did, and again he won anyway.

This season, both Indiana in the first game and Iowa in the tremendous late commotion admitted playing in the coverage zone. They primed Barrett, and they bet that he lacked the precision to pinpoint the exacting pitches required.

I nconsistency

What is clear is that nothing is clear, and that is a condemnatory judgment of a fifth-year-old.

Barrett has been around all this time, for 48 games in total, and nobody really knows what Barrett will come out of the locker room in a big game.

Even one of his greatest achievements, as a starting quarterback for the teams that won four goldsuits for beating Michigan, making him the only 4-0 quarterback in the history of the state of Ohio, carries a asterisk.

Jones finished the 2014 game and another substitute, redshirt freshman Dwayne Haskins, led the units that secured Satu rday & # 39; s edition.


That Barrett's status is inviolable in the state of Ohio says more about coach Urban Meyer's feelings for him than any eye exam.

Barrett returned for another season to atone for Clemson's loss in the playoffs. He did not have to. The coaches appreciate that, although he has done little to consolidate Barrett's position with a large part of the Ohio State fans.

After the Oklahoma game, asked about Barrett's bench, Meyer said: "No, no."

Strong as a lion, "the heart of a lion," a member of the family forever "- Meyer's comments show which is Barrett's favorite with him.

Loyalty is extremely important in the relationship Coach-Field Marshal

But longevity is the basis of Barrett's many school records and, sometimes, maximum performance overrides everything else.

A Indy

Ohio State heads to the Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis against Wisconsin undefeated, hoping to make a playoff spot with an impressive win Indy is where Cardale became Indiana Jones in a 59-0 loss to another Wisconsin team

The inconsistent quarterback game can drive coaches crazy, consider the Cleveland Browns, for whom it could be a very short trip. [1 9659002] However, the Buckeyes' itinerary depends on a veteran leader Sometimes he loses his way.

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