What is the best Kovid vaccine? Opponents are Pfizer, Astra, Modern and Sputnik

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Some people care who made their flu shot or their childhood immunity against a range of deadly diseases. Kovid changed this, turning vaccine makers into household names and calling for choice.

Among the global scale, dosing is now rare Melee Provided by Dispute between EU and British drug manufacturer AstraZeneca plc. More than 90 million people who get a shot consider themselves lucky for any protection against the epidemic. But vaccines are proliferating, of which there are positive test data Johnson and johnson and Novavax Inc. queued its candidates for approval.

Health officials will have to figure out how to allocate all these different vaccines. European Medical Agency The AstraZeneca vaccine was approved on Friday for all adults, but limited test data on its effectiveness in the elderly has led some countries to ban. Germany said it should only be used for people under 65, while Italy cautioned it to operate more than 55 people.

Many people who depend on efficacy rates, dosing programs or side effects want to decide for themselves. If the alternative is a shot from a Western drugmaker vetoed with less transparency from an independent regulator or a Russian or Chinese lab, the desire is even greater.

“We demand the government to provide freedom of choice to the people,” said Gergli Areto, a member of the opposition Democratic Alliance Party in Hungary.

Sputnik v Kovid-19TK.

Photographer: Andrey Rudakov / Bloomberg

Hungary broke ranks with other EU members to approve Russia’s Sputnik V and a China vaccine Sinopharm Group Ltd. With three shots cleared from Europe’s drug regulator Pfizer Inc. Modern Ink and AstraZeneca. While Prime Minister Viktor Orban is technically offering the choice, his promotion of Chinese and Russian shots is jeopardizing the “willingness to vaccinate” people, Arato said at a press conference this month.

In the US, where so far only two shots are authorized – from Pfizer and Modern – using similar technology and exhibiting nearly identical test results, the choice may be low for now. However, some health officials have begun to address people’s concerns about vaccine differences.

Dubai, Hong Kong

In Dubai, shots developed by people over 60 years old or with pre-existing conditions can access Pfizer Biotech SE, or one from Sinopharm.

In Hong Kong, officials ordered substantial quantities of vaccines from Pfizer-BioNotech, Synovac Biotech Ltd and AstraZeneca – with plans to secure a fourth option – to cover 7.5 million residents.

Pfizer Shot will be available at community immunization centers, with Synovac and Astra options offered in private hospitals and clinics and people will be given the option they want to receive. This is important in Hong Kong, where some people are wary of taking a Chinese-made vaccine.

“If residents don’t want to take a certain vaccine, they can choose to receive shots at another time and at another location,” Chief Executive Carrie Lam said in December.


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