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What is "Galentine Day" and how did it start?

In recent years, the term "Galentine's Day" has become popular throughout the United States. You may hear it more often on Valentine's Day, but that is because these two parties are very close together. But what exactly is "Galentine Day" and when is it celebrated?

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The term "Galentine Day" began in the television program "Parks and Recreation"

You can thank Amy Poehler for making Galentine Day popular in the US. UU Poehler played Leslie Knope on the NBC network show Parks and Recreation, and she was the first to bring Galentine's Day to life. The original episode aired on February 11, 2010, and no one would have imagined it would become more than the subplot of a primetime show. "What is Galentine's day? Oh, it's just the best day of the year, "says Knope in the episode, and from there, a new February holiday was officially on the books. (Well, it's not really an official holiday, but still) .

The festival is celebrated annually on February 13.

According to Parks and RecreationThe women meet on February 13, the day before Valentine's Day, to celebrate their friendships with each other. Holidays help women reconnect with their friends; If you do not celebrate this year's Valentine's Day, it still gives you something to look forward to and a way to celebrate the other people you love. Another episode about the holidays was issued in 2014, but the original episode is the one most people talk about when they talk about vacations.

Although it is not a formal holiday, many women have begun to join the celebration.

There is no real way to celebrate Galentine Day. Every woman is different, and each group of friends is different, so anything goes. Although the holiday is not a formal holiday, it has become popular in the last decade. And now, there are even Galentine Day cards available to buy at some stores. In the episode, Knope organizes a brunch for his favorite girls, and also receives a special gift for each of them. But in real life, some women simply go out for a drink or dinner; others can meet at someone's house for a night of wine. Those who celebrate the holiday can decide how they want to do it.

Vacations not only bring women closer but also empower them.

While Poehler probably did not intend Galentine Day to become a national holiday when it produced the episode, in the last decade it has acquired a far greater meaning than simply a funny scene on a television show. It reminds women that they should support each other, empower them and help them remember that, even if they do not have a special Valentine in their life, they are still surrounded by their Galentines.

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