What is behind the "dispute" between tennis legends Serena Williams and Billie Jean King?

The tennis champion, Serena Williams, has been in the headlines for several reasons this week: her career at Wimbledon, one untouched The Harper's Bazaar cover, and an indirect tiff with his tennis icon, Billie Jean King.

Williams is no stranger to the scrutiny of the media, but in addition to her work on the tennis court, she has openly expressed the causes related to equality, discrimination, paternity and beauty standards. Along the way, she is sometimes attracted by the controversy over her words and actions, but with so much attention focused on Williams' appearance at Wimbledon this month, other athletes and stars badyzed how they felt about their game and your behavior. Billie Jean King was one of them.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams | Clive Mason / Getty Images

King's comments on Williams' activism.

As the fans know, Williams was going for the title in the Slam.
finals in Wimbledon. Emotion reigned in the world of tennis during the weeks.
before the event, and although Williams has had a difficult year due
to an injury, people want to see it at least tie the record with Margaret
Court for 24 victories. Billie Jean King is among those people.

Last month, King, a fan, supporter and known
Williams, spoke with Subway
about what the tennis star would have to do to win. She advised
that the 37-year-old player should focus on working harder in the sport, including the intense
Training, nutrition, and additional games. But people are focusing on what King
He stated about where Williams should devote his attention.

"She has a business, a baby, she's trying to help gender equality, especially for women of color, I'd like you to see her put everything else aside from that, she has people working on those things. I would only commit for the next year and a half or two years and say, "I will devote absolutely whatever is necessary for my tennis, so when I look in the mirror when I grow up, I can." I return to my mind and know that I gave him everything I had and I was happy. "

King added that the two Williams sisters are advisors to the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, an organization focused on diversity, inclusion and leadership. King said that, although Williams does not think it fair, he wants him to concentrate solely on the sport.

How Williams responded

After being defeated at Wimbledon by Simona Halep, Williams
He was asked about King's comments and other criticisms during a press conference.
The reporter asked Williams to respond to suggestions that she "stop being a
Celebrity "and decrease your activism work.

She will not stop fighting until she is in her grave. The king
The media seemed to point out the words, which provoked a set of responses.
Williams and King, who clarified their position. Following the
Press conference, King tweeted: "I would never ask anyone to stop fighting for equality.
She does, Serena sheds light on what we all must fight to be able to
achieve equality for all. "

As Glamor notes, both women have a history of addressing women's equality in tennis and in the workplace in general. Williams has also talked about racial equality, poverty and wage disparity. Off the court, these ladies respect each other and are fanatical of each other, and as they both recognized, it ultimately depends on Williams how he chooses to spend his time on the road to more victories in his career.

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