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What happened to the New England interest in Lamar Jackson? – ProFootballTalk

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Remember when the Patriots had quietly visited Lamar Jackson? Remember when they solved it secretly?

Remember when they took him with the 23rd team in the first round? Oh, wait, they did not.

Do you remember when they took him with the selection 31 in the first round? I think you understand the point.

And this is a broader point: there is so much box office that is sold to journalists who are under so much pressure to fill the gap between free agency and the draft with the news that everything is really noise. Yes, we pass the noise (we also have to fill the gap), but we do so by adding the warning that, with so much smoke, it is almost impossible to find fire.

He got so bad that he even believes that the things that are true are nonsense, like Baker Mayfield's rumor to the Browns that caught fire this week. Some thought the Browns were just trying to get the Jets to go to No. 1 to get Mayfield.

On Thursday night, the Patriots had two cracks in Jackson, and they did not take it. In election 31, they opted for a runner – a runner! – more than a five-year commitment from Tom Brady's possible successor. The runners are everywhere, everywhere. Field marshals who can revolutionize the game and at the same time replace one of the best players in NFL history are hard to find.

Jackson was supposedly the Patriots' choice in case you can not win. , who have had trouble handling mobile quarterbacks since Colin Kaepernick hit them in 2012. And yet, they moved to Lamar Jackson, twice.

The media may not have been the only ones who took the cheese. Remember when former Navy Field Marshal Keenan Reynolds was being nicknamed the patriot par excellence? The Pats did not recruit him; The Ravens did it, in round six. And Reynolds never did anything in the NFL.

The Ravens became more interested in Jackson because the Patriots pretended to love him? We will never know the truth because nobody would ever admit it. Still, there is a possibility that New England has faked interest in Jackson to get someone else to hit a guy. Bill Belichick believes it will be a failure.

Regardless of whether the Jedi mental trick was applied to Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome, Belichick's decision to move to Jackson with not one but two first-round picks only confirms my belief that, if Belichick were interested in Jackson, we would not have known until the moment Belichick selected him.

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