What Earths Did ‘The Flash’ Get Their Council of Wells From?

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Tonight on The Flash‘s newest episode, “When Harry Met Harry,” Harrison Wells places collectively a staff to trace down The Thinker, and populates it with a number of the biggest minds within the multiverse — his personal.

The staff introduced collectively the Earth-2 Wells along with his counterparts from Earth-12, Earth-22 and Earth-47 (with a cameo by the Wells from a Gandalf-inspired Wells).

So, throughout the context of DC’s multiverse, what are the worlds that these Wellses come from?



This one — the world that gave us German scientist Harrison Wolfgang Wells — is definitely the house of Batman Beyond.

Rotating on a barely totally different frequency than different worlds within the Multiverse, Earth-12 is about in a timeline barely forward of Earth-Zero—it’s that Earth’s future realized.

On Earth-12, Batman’s successor, Terry McGinnis, is a tricky child formed by the imply streets of Neo-Gotham. Under a now aged Bruce Wayne’s steerage, Terry has been joined by Green Lantern, Superman, Warhawk, Aquagirl, Big Barda, Micron and others to type a staff generally known as Justice League Beyond. Together this staff, just like the Justice League that preceded it, battles the evil that threatens this world.

Earth-12 serves as a reminder that the longer term is usually a tragic reminder that issues and shortcomings could by no means be solved, and actually typically worsen. However, it may also be a supply of consolation and hope—a complicated world the place heroes like Terry and the Justice League Beyond proceed our quest for reality, justice and a greater tomorrow. In quick, a future that, whereas imperfect, continues to be wanting brilliant!


Earth-22 was the setting for the beloved Elseworlds story Kingdom Come.

Here, the second technology of tremendous people went too far. They put apart ethical codes and ethics, utilizing deadly pressure to eradicate evildoers each time they deemed it mandatory. Seeing that the lethal acts eliminated psychopaths and harmful malcontents from the streets completely, Earth-22 inhabitants did not protest these “heroic” new strategies. Disheartened by the surge of violence and society’s tolerance of it, and affected by a private tragedy, Superman stepped down and retreated to his Fortress of Solitude.

Every motion comes with a worth although—even inaction. Magog and his Justice Battalion launched an assault in opposition to a foe utilizing extreme pressure, and the incident led to the destruction of Kansas. The tragedy shocked Superman out of retirement, and now he and the Justice Society of America attempt to be a constructive instance to Earth-22’s heroes.

Considering that this model of Wells seemingly hailed from a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style state of affairs, it may very well be that the CWverse’s multiverse has little resemblance to the DC Comics model — or it may very well be that he merely comes from Kansas and it isn’t the entire world, however solely the half destroyed by Magog, that’s affected.


This world provides followers their introduction to Harrison Lothario Wells, a Hugh Hefner-inspired model of Wells that involves us by the use of Jeff Bridges’ The Dude. Where does he come from? Well, someplace fairly acceptable truly.

Earth-47 is a stone groove, man. In this taking place psychedelic scene, the flower energy of the 1960s lives on perpetually. And regardless that eternally youthful Prez Rickard oversees a nation devoted to turning on, tuning in and dropping out, there’s nonetheless sometimes the necessity for tremendous heroic feats of energy, endurance and detection.

Enter the Love Syndicate of Dreamworld, some far out cats led into battle by the afro-sporting Sunshine Superman. Their ranks additionally embody the Dark Knight avenger generally known as Shooting Star, the green-tinted Magic Lantern and the wily Speed Freak. Plus, they’re typically assisted by a tailor’s model dropped at life after being struck by lightning, generally known as Brother Power, the Geek. Yeah, we all know all of it sounds a bit far out, however perhaps this thought will assist—when you can keep in mind Earth-47, you most likely have been by no means there.

…Gemworld? Middle Earth?

Wells the Grey, an apparent reference to Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings, didn’t get an official Earth designation.

One might draw the plain conclusion that he comes from Middle Earth, however an equally possible (maybe extra possible?) choice is Gemworld, DC’s fantasy-driven dwelling to Amethyst. There are various Tolkien-inspired components to it, together with an early challenge that is actually titled “There and Back Again”

The Flash airs on Wednesdays at eight p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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