What Destiny 2’s lore suggests about the future of Bungie’s MMO shooter


The arrival of Destiny 2 on PC will, inevitably, change the best way the story of Bungie’s MMO is instructed. In its first, console-bound iteration, uncovering Destiny’s secrets and techniques meant a sluggish strategy of investigation and exploration—infinite theorising about lore and stage design, poking on the corners of each atmosphere searching for clues. Although some knowledge mining did happen again then, the presence of Destiny 2 on PC makes extra substantial leaks a truth of life: one thing Bungie might want to have a plan for except they need the story of their recreation to be instructed by way of Reddit threads and spoilerific YouTube thumbnails.

Even so, there’s benefit in taking Destiny 2 because it comes: and even in case you’re dedicated to digging by way of the sport’s information, making sense of what you discover means understanding the context of Destiny’s story up to now. With that in thoughts, this text is meant to get you up to the mark on a number of the headier components of Destiny’s lore—the stuff that’s prone to form the sport within the months and years to return. If you are tooling about in Destiny 2’s endgame making an attempt to determine what all of it means, hopefully this may badist kickstart your individual investigation into Bungie’s surprisingly deep sci-fi universe.

Needless to say, spoilers observe: if you have not accomplished Destiny 2’s marketing campaign but, go try this and are available again when you’ve. Some of this additionally considerations PvP content material that hasn’t arrived on PC but—simply so you understand.

Seriously! Spoilers are coming after this level.

The Darkness is triangles

Back in April, whereas I used to be writing my first information to Destiny’s lore for PC gamers, I did my greatest to elucidate the Darkness—the collection’ mysterious and unrevealed cosmic antagonist. Here’s what I wrote:

“The easiest way to understand it is that the Darkness is the opposite of the Traveler. The Traveler is a singular point of light—the Darkness is a vast void. The Traveler is physical, the Darkness is immaterial. The Traveler creates and elevates, the Darkness consumes and homogenises.”

Well, reader, I’ve received some information. There is a good probability that the Darkness just isn’t, in actual fact, a conceptual cosmic pressure or an existential disaster being skilled by a really large golfball. It might, in actual fact, be some triangles.

Specifically, these triangles.

At the tip of Destiny 2’s marketing campaign, the Traveler—for the primary time—does one thing. Its awakening takes the type of an explosion of Light that breaks its shackles and expands all through our photo voltaic system earlier than forming a kind of galactic ‘ping’. That ping is obtained by darkish, angular spacecraft ready in dormant in intergalactic house, who instantly flip and start to maneuver in the direction of the supply of the shockwave. Needless to say, that is impossible to be factor—it doubtless signifies that Destiny’s long-awaited fifth alien race is on its approach.

That this new foe represents the Darkness itself is closely implied at first of the sport, the place the Ghost’s description of the Darkness’ first badault on humanity is accompanied by an ominous triangular shadow pbading over the floor of the Traveler. Similar shapes can be seen throughout the imaginative and prescient sequence that happens after you lose your powers.

It’s unclear if the Darkness has itself been empowered by the Traveler’s rebirth or whether it is merely selecting up a pursuit that had gone chilly. Early within the first recreation the Darkness was described because the Traveler’s ‘pursuer’, and that’s mirrored right here. There’s an opportunity that the Traveler’s dormant state had shielded it from the enemy previous to this second.

The weak spot with this idea, nevertheless, is that the Darkness clearly knew the place the Traveler was: it has attacked Earth earlier than, and gamers destroyed an enormous ol’ piece of it on the conclusion of the primary recreation. This could possibly be taken as proof that what we’re seeing is, as soon as once more, not the Darkness however one other of its brokers. It may additionally point out that the Darkness responds to not the Traveler particularly, however to using the Traveler’s energy: a extra thrilling suggestion that performs to the concept the Darkness acts to stability out the Light. A dormant Traveler would not want ‘balancing’, in any case.

Osiris and the outcasts

Despite all this, it would not seem like we will get solutions concerning the precise nature of the Darkness immediately. Destiny 2’s first enlargement, formally revealed this week, considerations Osiris: an enigmatic determine from the primary recreation’s lore, a former Warlock of the Tower obsessive about the Vex who vanished into the machines’ community on Mercury a while in the past. Osiris, we had been instructed, is ‘alive and lifeless’ on the similar time. In hindsight, I suppose, all Guardians are.

In any case, he is again—and a central determine in December’s new mini-campaign. In pitting him in opposition to the time-traveling Vex, Bungie are positioning him as a counterpart to the Hive-obsessed Eris Morn—one other misplaced Guardian who confirmed up in an end-of-year enlargement to steer the Guardians in opposition to a brand new menace.

That hyperlink is price contemplating. Eris herself has vanished for the reason that first recreation, and she or he was revealed to be reporting to Osiris in The Taken King. Gradually, an image is forming of a community of outcast Guardians, every drawn to check a unique foe, whose threads might converge with Osiris. While his focus has historically been on the Vex, he appears to know the Hive and is alleged to have brokered offers with each the Awoken Queen (wherever she’s gone) and The Nine. He was additionally, at one level, a significant determine inside the Vanguard and an apprentice to the Speaker himself—a place now notably vacant.

Despite his exile, Osiris is likely to be key to understanding the hyperlinks between all of Destiny’s enemies—and if he is paying closest consideration to the Vex, then that implies that they have an as-yet-unrevealed half to play within the recreation’s unfolding cosmic drama. They’re not the one ones, it appears.

The Nine

This enigmatic faction made itself identified in Destiny 1 by way of Xur, the hooded stranger who exhibits up on weekends to promote gear to Exotic-hungry Guardians. In Destiny 2, Xur is joined by one other Agent of the Nine—The Emissary. She oversees the Trials of the Nine, an endgame PVP occasion that might be arriving on PC quickly.

The Trials are functionally the equal of Destiny 1’s Trials of Osiris. That connection in and of itself is attention-grabbing, as a result of whereas Osiris is mostly related to the Vex, the quantity 9 happens continuously in connection to him. It might be that the Trials of Osiris had been meant to organize Guardians for judgement by the Nine—that that is the take a look at that Osiris wished gamers to be prepared for.

That’s supposition, nevertheless. What is thought is that we nonetheless have not, actually, met the Nine: simply their brokers, and what seems to be an interstellar badembly level the place contact may be made. Winning a recreation in Trials unlocks entry to the Third Spire, an odd social space that seems to be inside a black gap—it is actually feels extra like a pocket dimension than a planet. The extra video games you win, the upper up the Spire you may climb, with the Emissary elaborating extra upon her function as you go. She’s there to evaluate you, to check your relationship with loss of life, and to gauge your willingness to pursue perfection. This might be the purpose the place you need to begin taking note of numbers, by the best way.

Achieve a flawless run (seven wins with out dropping a recreation) and you may leap by way of a portal to a spot past the Spire the place the Emissary addresses you once more, this time huge and holding what seems like a golden planet. She’s surrounded by an enormous starfield, you are standing in what seems to be water, and there is a celestial house horse behind you. No, I am not solely positive what the horse means both.

Superficially, what we have seen of The Nine units them aside from each different Destiny faction. However, I believe that they’ll be an more and more necessary a part of the sport’s future, and that they might have deep ties to each the Traveler and the Darkness—they might even be the Darkness, reaching out to us in its personal approach. The greatest argument for that is primarily based on the similarity between the Emissary’s varied speeches within the Third Spire and Hive philosophy. Her meditations on judgement, loss of life, perfection, and the necessity to regularly defeat foes to outlive—an thought constructed into the mechanics of the Trials themselves—may be very near Hive Sword Logic (see April’s article, once more, for extra on that.)

Does that imply that The Nine are the Hive? No. However the journey you undertake to get to the Third Spire—plunging right into a black gap—bears similarities to the journey that the Hive god Oryx undertook to satisfy his personal mysterious patron-gods within the Deep. The Third Spire itself—and the cosmic dimension past it—bear similarities to Hive ‘throne worlds’, an influence that stems from the discount that Oryx made. And the Emissary’s closing, gigantic look solely has one parallel in Destiny up to now—and that is Oryx, throughout the closing battle in his throne world in Destiny 1, the place he seems in a lot the identical approach. Players have lengthy suspected that Oryx’s powers—together with the power to create Taken—got here instantly from the Darkness. Perhaps the identical is true of the Nine. In any case, do not be shocked if we hear much more from them within the time it takes for these mysterious house pyramids to reach.

Triangles, once more

Bound up in Destiny 2’s endgame, then, is a set of tantalising implied hyperlinks between The Nine, The Hive, and—by way of Osiris—the Vex. These are, conveniently, all of Destiny’s most enigmatic alien forces. And what have they got in frequent? You higher imagine it is triangles! 

From Vex iconography to the hierarchies of the three gods of the three-eyed Hive (actually a pyramid scheme for harvesting mild) it could be that the important thing signifier of the Darkness has been sitting in entrance of us your entire time. Bungie have at all times cherished this type of numerology—it options closely within the Halo collection—so it isn’t a stretch to go pattern-hunting on this approach.

If these mysterious pyramid ships imply something, then, it is that everyone who went attempting to find that means within the first recreation’s lore and iconography was in all probability onto one thing. Knowing Bungie, meaning there’s doubtless extra to search out: these ominous house triangles are as a lot a clue to what’s already there as an indication of what is coming subsequent.

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