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WH: Trump treats women with the "highest level of respect"

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended on Thursday President Trump Donald John TrumpDisparo Democrat strikes Donald Trump Jr. for 'grave case of amnesia & # 39; after the test Skier Lindsey Vonn: I do not want to represent Trump in the Olympics Survey: 4 out of 10 Republicans think that Trump's main advisers had undue contact with Russia MORE tried the women after the senator scandal Franken Alan (Al) Stuart Franken The Democrats turned Franken Schumer called, met with Franken and told him to step down from Overnight Finance: Trump says the closing "could happen" | Ryan, conservatives are closer to the spending agreement | Senate approves motion to go to tax conference | Ryan promises a & # 39; rights reform & # 39; in 2018. More (D-Minn.) He gave a farewell shot to the president in his resignation speech.

"I think the president is, no doubt as a woman, I myself never felt treated with anything other than the highest level of respect and power to do my job and that's what I've seen the president day after day from I arrived here and during the campaign, "Sanders told reporters at a press conference.

The press secretary added that White House staff have been reminded of current policies to ensure that all are treated respectfully.

"Certainly, the policies of the White House remind us and we all hope that each one of us respects those policies and does not cross a line that is not only not legal but inappropriate and unethical," he said.

Franken announced on Thursday that he would resign after a cascade of allegations of sexual misconduct against him provoked his Democratic colleagues in the Senate to demand that he step aside.

In his speech from the Senate, Franken denied some of the charges against him and lamented the "irony" that he resigns while the president "bragged about his story of sexual assault" still remains in office.

Franken was referring to the film "Access Hollywood" that came to light during the 2016 presidential election, in which Trump is heard boasting about how he can grab women and take advantage of them because of his wealth and celebrity.

Trump then apologized for the comments and described them as a "costume" talk.

The White House declined to comment on Franken's criticism, saying the president has adequately addressed the controversy.

"The president directed the comments during the campaign," Sanders said. "We firmly believe that the people of this country also addressed that when they elected Donald Trump as president and I have treated him several times from here and I have nothing new to add."

Sanders was pressured by Trump to support the Republican candidate for Alabama Senate Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl and of having inappropriate romantic relationships with teenagers when he was a district attorney.

"We believe that the allegations are disturbing and, ultimately, it is something that the people of Alabama will decide," Sanders said.

The White House press secretary eluded when asked if there was a difference in the way Republicans and Democrats are treating those within their parties accused of sexual harassment. [19659006] "I think … that would be left to the leadership of the party," he said, arguing that "there is no reason at this time" to believe that Congress can not self-poll when it comes to charges of sexual harassment against their members.

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