Western Digital announces WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD with optional heat sink

The NVMe solid state drives are pretty amazing. They offer unhealthy speeds that embarrbad SATA SSDs. That said, many consumers, if not most, do not really need that performance. In other words, if your PC already has a 2.5-inch SATA SSD, it's probably not worth updating. In short, the performance of your real life will be negligible. That said, if you need a new SSD and your computer is compatible, it would be foolish not to go to NVMe: the prices have become quite affordable.

Today, Western Digital presents its latest NVMe album and it looks wonderful. The "WD Black SN750", as it is called, has several capacities and prices, which makes it achievable for most consumers, even those with a limited budget. Best of all, you can opt for a variant with a heat sink, which will cool it down and, in theory, avoid accelerated performance. Why would not you want the heat sink? Depending on your computer, laptops in particular, but also some desktop computers may not fit physically.

"The second-generation NVMe SSD was built with the technology, firmware and NAND 3D controller of Western Digital, the NVD SSD WD Black SN750 has a vertically integrated SSD platform designed to maximize the NVMe SSD performance for gaming enthusiasts and the hardware that seeks to build or update your PC for games or a personalized PC, offering exceptional sequential readings (up to 3,470 MB / s for 500GB and 1TB models) and write performance (up to 3,000MB / s for the 1TB model) , combined with a large capacity, the new unit reduces the time required for users to access their programs and files, upload games and transfer large games, 4K / 8K videos and other data-intensive content. up to 515,000 random read IOPs and 560,000 random write IOPs (for the 1TB model) for extreme performance, allowing the SSD to manage subprocess applications multiple and data-intensive environments, "says Western Digital.

Eyal Bek, vice president of marketing, customer data and computing centers, Western Digital explains, "VR, immersive features and larger game files mean longer loading times for levels, maps and other actions within the game. this requires faster and higher storage The more intense and prolonged game capacity also requires well-managed thermal performance, particularly for high performance NVMe SSDs.WD's new NVD Black SN750 SSD delivers unrivaled performance with an architecture designed for gaming, built-in pbadive cooling and gameplay, features with heat sink options that will be added in. We have exceeded storage limits to offer hardcore players the competitive edge they want. "

Western Digital shares the following specifications.


PCIe Gen3 8 Gb / s, up to 4 lanes

Form factor

M.2 2280

Sequential reading / writing:

Up to 3,400 MB / s of reading.
Up to 2,900 MB / s of writing.

Up to 3,470 MB / s of reading.
Up to 3,000 MB / s of writing

500 GB
Up to 3,470 MB / s of reading.
Up to 2,600 MB / s of writing.

Up to 3,100 MB / s of reading.
Up to 1,600 MB / s of writing.

As I said before, prices vary according to capacity, ranging from affordable to expensive. For example, the 250GB model (without heat sink) costs only $ 79.99 (although it seems to cost $ 10 more online), while the huge 2TB variant (without heat sink) costs $ 499.99. These units (without heat sink) are available immediately from Western Digital directly here or from Amazon here.

The heat sink models will be offered in the same capacities except the 250 GB model. They can not be obtained now, but Western Digital promises that it will hit stores in the spring of 2019.

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