West Coast fire: Government Newsom said wildfire shows the reality of climate change

According to Newsom, the average temperature in the Golden State has increased by three degrees since 1980.

“The fundamental facts cannot be denied,” Newsom said. “Trendlines are not going in the right direction.”

Newsom said on Wednesday that he “directly confronted the president” on climate change – though a video of the press talk earlier this week showed more benign exchanges between the leaders.

“I think there is a way to contact people and good people can disagree,” Newsom said. “And I say that we are making progress and the extent to which we are being heard, I believe we are.”

However, he said he does not expect Trump to “fundamentally change course”.

He said, “I will remain stubborn, because I think it will be so. It is not a belief system, it is data.” “Science. You have to accept the facts.”

A month ago, lightning strikes spread flames across the state during an extreme heat wave.

Newsfoam said wildfires run rampant, particularly in areas that have been affected by the recent drought, causing 136 million dead, dry trees to “act as burns”.

Already, several blasts have devastated more than 4.7 million acres on the West Coast, as dry grass and strong winds have created a temperament.

The fire has killed at least 34 people, and reduced thousands of homes.

The American Farm Bureau Federation calls for additional resources

American Farm Bureau Federation, which describes itself as “An independent, non-governmental, voluntary organization, governed and represented by ranch and ranch families,” and 13 State Farm Bureaus sent a letter to Congress to curb additional resources and overcome frightening wildlife on the West Coast said.

“Dresser, backlog in adequate management with hot conditions has resulted in unhealthy, highly dense forests,” the letter said. ‘”” When a fire inevitably occurs, these conditions result in larger, more frightening fires, which control both urban and rural communities, devastating and posing major threats to both personal property and human life. “

The letter, addressed to the leadership of the Senate, also advocates the Emergency Emergency and Public Safety Act, which is being considered in the Senate today.

This act will accelerate forest management and fire extinguishing and remove dangerous wood from forests.

He wrote in the letter, “Farm Bureau members hold grazing permits on public lands, manage property on adjoining lands and occupy both public and private lands.” “In addition to direct crop and livestock losses, agricultural commodities are also being smog-tainted and impacted through ash.”

School for Oregon children starts after wildfire delay

According to CNN-affiliated KPTV, in the Oregon capital of Salem, Wednesday began after a delay of a few days after the school caught fire.

Students are about to go to the online class due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Wildfires are ripping the west coast.  How can you help here

“Our teachers have done really hard changes to the system, new technology, and really an incredible job for our children,” said Christy Perry, Superintendent of Salem-Keyser Public Schools. “And what we keep reminding them, what our children need most is to just watch them, so this is our week.”

He said: “Wildfire has made everything a little rockier for us.”

The school district has about 41,000 students. Perry told KPTV that the students’ lives were mostly affected by the smoke. He said some staff members were forced to evacuate.

“I told this to my mentor kids a few times today, like it would all be alright,” teacher Massey Bower said. “It’s all about to work in its own way.”

California wild animals kill 25 people

More than 17,000 firefighters in California are battling more than two dozen major fires. Since the beginning of the year, at least 25 people have died and 3.3 million acres have been burnt.
The deadliest fire of this year is along the north campus At least 15 deaths, It has burned over 273,000 acres and as of Wednesday was 36% contained. It is the fifth deadliest fire in the state’s history.

The Batty County Sheriff’s Office has identified 10 of the 15 victims, ranging in age from 16 to 79.

Smoke from western wildlife has blown New York for thousands of miles

The August Complex Fire, the largest in state history, continues to burn in Northern California. Its consumption is 817,952 acres and it is 30% contained.

“California is dry and ripe due to no significant rainfall in sight,” Cal Fire said. Returning to the warming trend on weekends will increase the risk of fire.

According to the Bay Area Office of the National Weather Service, fog conditions and visibility in northern California are improving.

The office tweeted, “There is still smoke in parts of the northern and interior #California but parts of the #Sanfrancisco area are being seen in the blue sky.”

Fierce fire smoke in California prompted the Weather Service Office in Reno, Nevada to issue a thick smoke advisory Thursday morning. The agency said the affected areas include Lake Tahoe.

Established mobile morgue in Oregon

According to officials, at least eight people were killed and 12 more are missing from 26 fires in Oregon.
Red firefighters covered the destroyed streets and homes of Talent, Oregon after wildfires swept through the city.
The Marion County Sheriff Office said in a news release that investigators identified the two victims in the beach fire as 41-year-old Justin Cook and 71-year-old Kathy Cook, both of the city of Lyons. Cook was located near his property, the sheriff’s office said in the release.

A mobile facility for the medical examiner has been set up in Linn County as officers prepare for the possibility of more fatalities.

Despite the deadly conditions, some residents opted to stay behind to protect their homes from incoming flames.
CNN affiliate KATU reported that Darren Richardson ignored orders to close the Beach Creek Fire.
These are hotshots, firefighters on the foreground of the deadly California blaze

“My house is still there, my entire block is there, because we went there and fought,” Richardson told KTU. “I went there, I saw the city burning, I was trying to keep it out for 14 hours with other people.”

The affiliate said Richardson was able to save his home, but much of the city was ablaze.

A federal disaster declaration has been approved for the state to help fund the state’s recovery and an Oregon congressional delegation asked Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar to make the wildfire in Oregon a public Urged to declare a health emergency.

“This decision will make more federal aid available to the state and provide the necessary resources to rebuild our communities.” Rep. Peter DeFazio (D) said in a tweet Tuesday. DeFazio wrote that he had been informed of the decision by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.
“Oregon is resilient, but to fight fires on this scale, we all need the help we can get,” Tweeted village. Kate brown. “Thankful we have quickly provided a Presidential Disaster Declaration, helping to provide support such as damage assessment teams, search and rescue, debris management, shelter and medical support.”

CNN’s Vanessa Yurevich, Maeve Reston, Ray Sanchez, Dave Heinen, Joe Sutton, Andy Rose, Stella Chan and Gisela Crespo contributed to this report.