Were the Broncos wrong not to trade to the third overall pick?

Just a little over a month before the 2021 NFL Draft, and we’ve already seen a major move to the top of the draft order, but the Denver Broncos couldn’t pull the trigger.

The Miami Dolphins, who were involved in both moves on March 26, – first, they ended up going down to 12th overall in a deal with the San Francisco 49ers, and then they went back up to sixth overall in a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. . But a team that was not involved in this deal may have been the biggest loser of the entire series of moves.

The Broncos entered this offseason with a makeover at their front office as John Elway moved from the GM role and brought in George Patton, who has prioritized defensive additions in his first attempt at running the team. But their offense is lacking, especially as a quarterback, and they would have been smart if they had at least tipped their hats to the right for the non-Dolphins. 3 selection.

Drew Lock is currently Denver’s starting quarterback, a prospect taken by Elway who was seen as an unspectacular option but could, if placed in an advantageous situation, thrive and become a top-15 starter. Not only has Lock been given plenty of opportunities to show that he deserves that role for the Broncos, but he has repeatedly failed to provide enough results on the field to justify that he shouldn’t be the starter going forward.

With a minimum of four quarterbacks projected to go in the first round this year (Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Zach Wilson and Trey Lance), combined with the potential for Mac Jones and / or Kyle Trask to join them, the options are certainly there for Patton and the Broncos to take advantage of. But what has kept this Broncos team from competing in the AFC West division is their inability to take chances.

Lock hasn’t done anything to get another shot at the starting role, but Patton may want to see him on offense with all his weapons before making the final decision.

Rookie Jerry Jeudy was solid last year, but starting top choice Courtland Sutton missed all year with injury, so seeing the two coexist will be very important for this offense. Tight end Noah Fant was impressive last year and his connection to Lock certainly grew throughout the season, but since Lock also lost time on the disabled list, there wasn’t a full season with them together.

The offensive line is underrated and perfectly set up to help a rookie quarterback acclimate to the league, making this year’s draft the perfect time for the Broncos to jump up the table.

With the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets and now the Niners likely to take a QB, the top three picks appear to be locked in, position wise. That fourth team deciding to take a quarterback in the first round, who appears to be between Fields and Lance, should be the Broncos, but Denver will likely have to move from ninth overall if they want that final sign.

Fighting an uphill battle in a super competitive AFC West division, the Broncos are hurting themselves by choosing not to make a much-needed upgrade at QB. With this draft having quite a few franchise-altering options in the first round, there’s no better time than now to make that change happen.

Patton just put his fingerprints on this team, and adding a rookie quarterback in that combination puts most offensive weapons on the same timeline trajectory – Lock won’t be this team’s future starter and won’t He has shown nothing that points to him ever taking on that role, so this draft is the best time to tap into the class’s QB prospects to make sure this team is ready for the future.

For Denver’s fan base, he just has to hope that not taking advantage of the Dolphins’ moves doesn’t hurt them in their search for a new option at QB.

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