‘We’re at war now, and the virus is winning:’ Maryland Gov. Hogan Announces New COVID Sanctions

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced new restrictions on Tuesday in an effort to combat the revivalist novel Coronovirus.

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Months after the fall, the novel Coronavirus has resurfaced in late fall.

“We are at war now, and the virus is winning. “Now more than ever, we are requesting the people of our state to stand together to help fight this creative virus,” Hogan said.

The state is now in the so-called red-zone – the case rate has gone up to 29, a 46 percent increase from the previous week.

Statewide positivity has increased to 6.85%, with it exceeding 5% on the 8th straight day. 20 of the state’s 24 courts have positivity rates above the 5% benchmark.

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In addition, Maryland hospitals are approaching capacity despite the additional 6,000 beds provided by the state.

“Urgent action is required,” says the governor.

Hogan said the Health Department will issue an order today prohibiting hospital visits. Exceptions will be made for parents or guardians of children with disabilities, disabilities and supporters.

In addition, visits to the nursing home will be severely limited – visitors will need to be tested 72 hours in advance to enter these facilities.

In addition, effective Friday 5 pm, bars and restaurants will not be allowed to be open for serving indoor food or wine after 10 pm

Phase 2 restrictions will also be restored to businesses, which now have to be returned to 50 percent.

The stadium and the racetrack will once again be closed to fans.

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The Governor’s announcement came after a mild ban was imposed earlier in the month.

Last week, Hogan announced a statewide cut for indoor operations for bars and restaurants from 75% to 50%.

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Neighboring Virginia imposed new restrictions over the weekend.

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DC is looking at one-day totals it hasn’t seen since May, but has so far avoided coming back in the reopening process.

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