Wendell Carter apologizes to Bulls teammates after scuffle in opener

Wendell Carter Jr. did not understand the words as the season opener fell to the Atlanta Hawks 124–104, which did not feel as close as the final score.

“We didn’t just come to play as a team,” Carter said. “I don’t necessarily call it a wake-up call. That’s the reality. S – T, we come and play, and we didn’t come to play at both ends.”

“A lot of us have inside our own heads, including ourselves, instead of worrying about the stuff that has happened for the moment. Instead of just speaking for myself, I just have to do better, Just do what I do best. I just talked to my teammates, apologized for my effort which I showed tonight, and I will be better for my team. “

Carter finished the night with six points, six rebounds, two assists and three turnovers in 26 minutes of action. He connected on two of his five shots, but missed both 3-point attempts, making his mark in the latter category from 1 to -18 since the start of the presidency.

“Ever since I started playing basketball, I’ve always struggled with my entire career.” When I work on a certain craft for a very long time, it bounces around the rim to see if the ball just doesn’t fall, and outwardly, I go down on myself, “Carter he said.” (Bulls Head) coach said. (Billy Donovan) I would do better on this, especially with him giving me the green light … I would be able to take, make or miss those shots, and still come back and play defense at the other end, no matter what. No objectionable what’s happening in the end. ”

The Bulls made a serious effort on the defensive side, allowing the Hawks to shoot better than 50 percent from the floor and score 3 to 40 percent and the interior of themselves scoring 50 paint points on 25-37-shooting (67.6 percent). All of those traces were largely grabbed ahead of the waste time, with the Atlanta building having a 40-point lead midway through the third quarter.

As someone said he expected himself to be the anchor to protect this team, Carter took ownership to jumpstart such effort and responsibility. He therefore apologized to teammates after the competition.

“I just didn’t show effort,” Carter said. I felt myself slowing down just one step, I felt myself just worried about the wrong things. It is a game of league runs. Many good players in this league are not going to score runs, so I feel good for myself – and I can only speak for myself – I’ve got to learn that it’s going to happen.

“How are we going to react to this, how are we going to come back from them making three or four baskets in a row. Are we going to stop at the end and go down and get a good shot for ourselves? Or What are we going to get? Worrying about the interior and our own stuff. That’s the thing I need to work on, and I feel like this is something that is a quick reference to the next game Can be improved. ‘

It’s not easy from here, with Indiana Pacers coming to town on Saturday. The Bulls and Carter hope accountability will be the beginning of a change.


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