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Wells Fargo customers charged twice for automatic payments

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wells Fargo is in control of damages after another embarrassing situation.

On Wednesday, customers across the country charged double the automatic payments made online by paying bills.

"I reproach you for this and everything else that you have done in the last 10 years, yes, it's a problem," explained Tim Reilly.

Reilly said he was in his Wells Fargo banking application when he noticed, "In bill payment it was double or triple the bill collection that I had lined up for yesterday."

Credit cards, PayPal and his cable bill were all overloaded. He and his wife were out several hundred dollars.

"It was enough to put our account in negative and cause an overdraft, I had my mortgage in process, I had two car payments in process, so yes, I was panicking," Reilly said.

Immediately, Reilly called Wells Fargo and after 20 minutes on standby, a representative told him there was some kind of failure.

Reilly connected to Twitter and saw that he was one of the many bankers across the country who had had the misfortune to fall victim to this error.

The bankers expressed their indignation, beating the company for overcharging them. But most were more angry about how it was handled.

A woman tweeted that she had been waiting for more than an hour. Others joked that they had had enough time to choreograph an online dance to celebrate the music.

On Wednesday night, the company finally tweeted that it was working to solve the problem. In a statement, the bank told CNBC that "the situation of online bill payment was caused by an internal processing error."

Reilly and others said that is simply unacceptable.

"If they really cared about their customers, they would let us know," Reilly said.

Wells Fargo said that any fees or charges incurred as a result of this error will be handled.

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