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“Welcome to hell” of SNL fight against sexual harassment


On Saturday, December 2, episode of Saturday Night Live – presented by Lady Bird actress Saoirse Ronan with musical guest U2 ] – he won viewers with his badual harbadment music video "Welcome to Hell", but that was not the only time he stood out. Here are the highlights!

Welcome to Hell

Ronan, along with members of the cast of SNL Kate McKinnon Cecily Strong Aidy Bryant Leslie Jones and Melissa Villaseñor ] approached the endless headlines of badual harbadment with the fun but at the same time true music video "Welcome to Hell", addressing the fact that women have been dealing with badual harbadment for basically forever. As Strong said: "Oh, this has been the damn world."

The catchy tune signaled that women should keep their guard constantly. "This is not a group of girls." We just travel in a backpack for safety, "Bryant said.

Honestly, there were too many moments of" YES! "In this music video to point them out to everyone, so if you missed it, take a look."

Trump is visited by ghosts from his past

Christmas is upon us, and SNL could not wait to repeat the proven and true Christmas Carol formula with an open cold Trump The president (played by Alec Baldwin ) was first visited by Mikey Day ] & # 39; s Michael Flynn – aka "the ghost of the flipped witness" – and later by three people from his past who could come back to chase him: Alex Moffat Billy Bush [19659004] Beck Bennett & # 39; s Vladimir Putin and McKinnon & # 39; s Hillary Clinton .

Accompanied by his glorious laughter of Hillary, McKinnon thanked Trump the best Christmas gift of all: "badual gratification in the form of your lent or death ", before singing:" Close it ". above. "

Theresa May in the weekend update

McKinnon played the British Prime Minister Theresa May during the weekend update, a place based on "media punching" with President Trump earlier this week about his retweets of anti-Muslim videos, a group of British hatred, May called his Trump takedown a tweet that said: "It's a mistake for the president having done this, "" savage. "He added:" Now I'm practically a troll. "McKinnon's rigid attitude along the uncharacteristic shadow of his character-the launch made this sketch one to remember. 19659007]

The Doll Guy

Either you thought this was creepy for a million or actually quite funny, while being interviewed about a major gas break in an American Girl store , the customer of Day pr Imero insisted he was only in the store to buy a doll as a gift, but his obsession with his high-clbad doll of the 20s, Kirsten Somersby, was quickly clear. Imagine your disappointment when you discovered that the American Girl store (including the second floor lounge!) Would be closed for the next eight months due to damage.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday night on NBC at 11:30 pm ET.

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