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SPIRITUAL message: Yes, relaxation is the most complex phenomenon. All these things are part of it: Come on, believe it, surrender, love, acceptance, going with the flow… all of them are part of it, and if you learn ways to relax, Osho says, Zen

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ARIES (21 March – 20 April)

You imagine the worst by thinking negatively and endlessly torturing yourself this week! Professional enterprise and business deals need to be completed with creative, intelligent handling of various energies. You can expect business plans to change, so be flexible and innovative. You need to learn lessons from previous experience and move forward with knowledge and maturity. Accept difficult situations in the moment and follow the flow.

Lucky Number: 9 Auspicious Color: Rainbow Foot

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)

This week you feel frustrated, because the grand idea in which you transmit too much energy does not seem to work as planned. However, things are not as bad as they seem, to be realistic to achieve the goal. Business interruption is temporary. New schemes, opportunities and cooperation should be looked for
Actual in the near future. Remodeling structures, changing systems can be the answer for a streamlined, productive business. If you let go of expectations and decisions then personal relationships make love.

Lucky Number: 10 Good Color: Scarlett

GEMINI (22 May – 21 June)

A young and beautiful influence enters your life this week. You rejuvenate energy and move into new professional or commercial ventures. You are at your creative best and have the courage to be original and different in personal and professional aspects. You are likely to collaborate with foreign partners or to engage in an international project that brings out your potential. A daughter or a young woman close to you is ready to make independent decisions about her future.

Lucky Number: 9 Good color: Maroon

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

The sword of creativity cuts through the clouds of illusion, bringing crystal clarity to work conditions and separation into destructive relationships. You use this great sword to steer clear of negative situations and to point towards professional goals. Intellectual activity, brainstorming, decision making, and artistic discovery are beneficial and satisfying. You are in rhythm with existence and with life – accept this great gift and share it with loved ones.

Lucky Number: 1 Auspicious Color: Emerald Green

LEO (23 July – 23 August)

You create a quality in the struggles going on at work and home. This week is peace after war! After a period of chaos there is mental clarity, which leads to positive changes in personal, professional aspects. You recover from a disease that will be bothering you. You are more than happy with housework for some time. You establish intellectual authority, gaining respect in your field of work during a conference or seminar.

Lucky number: 4 auspicious colors: forest greens

VIRGO (24 August-23 September)

Communication is the name of your game this week, so don’t hesitate to speak your mind. People who appreciate your professional skills and knowledge. You get mentally stressed to analyze situations. Messages, contracts from overseas, business transactions and meetings keep you busy. Children, loved ones and families bring joy and celebration. It is best not to confuse or complicate situations in advance. Don’t wait for people and opportunities to come to you, meet them halfway.

Lucky Number: 1 Auspicious Color: Royal Blue

LIBRA (24 September – 23 October)

This week you can be gifted with a rest that rejuvenates your energy and personal relationships. A particular work assignment brings great success and risk. Your online social life is shining, as you connect with well-known personalities and fun people. Pay attention to priorities, values ​​and relationships that are important or you can confuse yourself and others. Communication and gifts can come unexpectedly. Living perfectly in the moment and going with the flow are great qualities.

Lucky Number: 6 Auspicious Color: Saffron

SCORPIO (24 October – 22 November)

Family, friends and loved ones join you to share some memorable occasions. You gain the health and strength to indulge in sporty past and busy work schedules. Beware of over-indulgence in food, drink or work as you ignore the warning signs. You are lucky with business deals and stand to gain in financial transactions. A positive, constructive approach to family problems heals old wounds. Beware of a person who takes advantage of your good name and goodwill.

Lucky Number: 9 Auspicious Color: Lotus Pink

SAGITTARIUS (23 November – 23 December)

Instead of listening to your mind and logic this week, trust your intuition and follow your spirit. Ignore gossip or slander in the work area, as things are changing very quickly. You are probably separated for a while from a loved one and feel the pain of absence. Avoid busy person who interferes with your personal matters. It is appropriate to keep professional and personal situations separate, or confusion may occur. It is advised to do meditation and yoga to avoid stress and health problems.

Lucky Score: 5 Good Color: White

CAPRICORN (December 24 – January 20)

As soon as you come to life, gift yourself the habit of fully answering whatever comes! Can be harmful to production in business or harmony in the home. Avoid cruel, violent people, as they raise cudgels with you on non-issues. Friends, family and loved ones are helpful. It can take time to resolve your personal matters, be patient. Leo sign gives energy and resources to your business venture. Compliments can be expected in financial matters. Beware of any unknown visitor or fan who may take advantage of you.

Lucky Number: 5 Happy Color: Old Rose

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)

This week there is a passion in youth energy and personal relationships in professional ventures. You are subtle, and like to mask deep emotions with a calm surface. You lead projects to completion with dynamic energy and financial benefits. You gain a position of power that was lost in the past. Personal relationships are deep, now loving. Beware of a secret, cunning young man who cares about power and may be ruthless to obtain it. Overcoming ambition or passion can get you into dirty water at this point.

Lucky Number: 5 Auspicious Color: Turquoise

PISCES (20 February – 20 March)

Personal conflicts are resolved and the family situation is resolved. Finance and business can be expected to increase and decrease before coming to a stable position. Since you can get away from ecstasy, it is best to maintain a careful balance of yin and yang energies. You are currently able to work in an unrestricted location. Trust your intuition about people and situations. Women play an important role in your life. To avoid extremes in food, spending, emotions and other areas of life, it is best to maintain balance within and outside.

Lucky Number: 2 Auspicious Colors: Sky Blue `

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