Weekend winter storm (Saturday morning update)

Rain has begun to move from the west as the winter storm of the weekend continues to move eastward. Rain will be the main form of precipitation today. The roads will be slippery and minor floods may occur, but for the most part, today will have the least impact. Starting late tonight, the rain will start to snow, and tomorrow we will see all the snow in the morning before the storm ends.


The rain has already begun and will continue throughout the day. Heavy rains are expected at noon while the front approaches. This will be the time when the flood has the best chance. Watch for currents, streams and rivers to begin to swell. It is also possible to stagnate on the roads and can lead to hydroplane. The rain will begin to loosen in the afternoon, but it may not end completely.

As we approach midnight, temperatures will begin to cool rapidly. We will quickly fall to freezing before midnight and a short line of freezing rain or winter mix will slide eastward. The amounts of ice will be minimal with this feature. Even so, some accumulations of light ice are possible on bridges and overpbades. The snowflakes will begin to mix, but the main show is still a few hours away.

As we move into the early hours of Sunday, snowflakes will be more abundant and, as surface temperatures fall to the freezing temperature, adhesion will occur. Adherence will occur first on surfaces other than roads, such as grbad, sidewalks, roofs and automobiles. It will take a while for the road surfaces to freeze. When they do, the snow will have the opportunity to start adhering to the roads.

The snow will close before noon for Central Kentucky, and around noon for the southeastern counties. The sun of the day is possible, especially for the Bluegrbad region.


The quantities with the winter storm will be strong in rain, and mainly light in snow. Rainfall will range between 1 "and 2", with some points located up to 3 "today, and once again, minor flooding may occur as heavy rains and rain rates arrive at noon.

The amounts of snow will be much smaller. That said, caution should be exercised during the trip during the night and tomorrow morning. The heavier amounts will be closer to the Ohio River, where they will fall from 3 "to 6". The Bluegrbad and the east along I-64 will oscillate between 1 "and 3". The southern and eastern counties will see the least amount with accumulations of up to 2 ".

A note to make with the quick freeze over night is the icing on the roads. Water will continue to exist on roads after heavy rains today. If the wind does not dry the roads before the temperature falls, the ice will have a good chance of forming. Keep in mind that the roads may be frozen tomorrow morning before it starts to snow and even under the snow. Try to stay away from the roads at all costs tomorrow morning.

The dangerous trips will be present in areas that see between 3 "and 6" of snow. Roads in red-shaded areas should be avoided at all costs until Sunday at noon. The main roads included are I-64 West of Lexington, I-75 north of Lexington, I-71, The Bluegrbad and Western Kentucky Parkways. Some impacts will be seen on roads in other parts of the state. Those who seek to hit the roads on Sunday morning should avoid driving unless absolutely necessary.

The WINTER CLIMATE NOTICE is valid for all Kentucky counties until noon. These will be the areas that could see up to 3 "of snow, counties that are expected to receive up to 6" of snow are under a WINTER STORM WARNING.

Due to the winter weather overnight and tomorrow morning, the Winter Threat Index has risen to a UNO or SLIGHT level.

Stay with the StormTracker weather team for more information and the latest updates on the winter storm of the weekend. More information can be found on the LEX 18 Weather page.

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