Week 1 overreaction: Does Jimmy Garoppolo take the QB 49ers all the way?

The previous season was only the beginning. right?

49 people arrived in 2019 in 499 to get closer to winning the Super Bowl.

The team, all four but returning and adding some key new players, were expected to come out strong and establish themselves as Super Bowl contenders once again.

But the 2020 season began with a 24–20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, which ended a year earlier in the NFC West.

Is there a reason for 49ers fans to be concerned with what they see on Sunday from their living room? let’s take a look:

Any unnecessary? Yes and no

This is a reasonable concern as this was the area in which Jimmy Garapolo appeared to make his biggest improvement during training camp. He was decisive, and the ball came out with confidence.

Of course, practicing against your own defense — with strict orders not to touch the quarterback — and playing against an angry opponent are two different things.

Garoppolo has such a quick release, sometimes I wonder if he realizes that he can hold the ball long enough (or more) to split his receiver to make it different.

The problem with that thinking is that usually when a receiver is open at the time the ball is released, the receiver is not as open when the ball comes.

But is Garappolo a lost cause? no at all.

I believe Gargapolo is among the top-third of quarterbacks in the league. I do not believe he is one of the bottom-third. He is somewhere in that middle group, probably from the bottom up.

He definitely has to clean up a few things, and Kyle Shanahan will make him work harder this week.

Garoppolo should be able to bounce back over the next two weeks with a better performance against New York teams. Garapolo had a good season in 2019 and he Will Be better and keep improving this year.

Any unnecessary? No.

The 49ers suited out an NFL-caliber receiver for the opener against the Cardinals.

Kendrick Bourne is fine. He caught some good catches for 34 yards. But he did not go upstairs and fight Gaarapolo in the end zone for the time that Shanahan preferred.

The 49ers actually felt the absence of Debo Samuel and Brandon Ayuk. Samuel suffered a setback in his rehab from surgery to repair a Jones fracture. The club hopes to be available for the Week 4 game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Levi’s Stadium.

It is expected to make his NFL debut on Sunday against the Jets. You can’t expect too much from a cheating wide receiver, but Ayuk should at least be able to maintain safety.

Dante Pettis had a promising training camp, but he simply was not a factor against the Cardinals. They had a chance that they could make a play on a deep throw from Gerappolo but were more concerned with incoming safety and not oncoming football.

The 49ers are fine with Samuel, Ayuk and Bourne as the team’s top three threats. Trent Taylor is fine as a slot receiver. But after that… there is not much here.

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Any unnecessary: Yes.

Cornerback Emanuel Moselle could not have a more difficult task, going up against DeAndre Hopkins in Week 1.

The Cardinals had a good plan. Moseley left nothing behind him, and Kylar Murray took advantage with a flank thrown under Hopkins.

Because Murray quickly got the ball out, it neutralized the 49ers’ pass. And while the coverage of the 49ers was good, Murray pressed the ball into his arm and stopped running.

Moseley has a good mindset. that’ll be fine. All corners need help from the nearby crowd. It connects all together. It is largely the same defense that gave fewer passing yards in a season than any team in the past decade.

Moseley — like the entire team — should have a bounce-back game against Jett.