Wedge Struggle has been highly anticipated on Android Auto, almost here

More specifically, devices updated to Android 11 can no longer connect to GPS to determine users’ locations on the map, and so Waze is not able to determine where they are.But now there are reports that the wedge also freezes on Android Auto after setting a route, while others claim that the app screen reading gets stuck on “processed to highlighted route”.

I have just installed Waze but have no good luck using it with Android Auto. With the exception of a successful trip, it has not worked at all. Usually when I open the app it does not display the map, just a colored background, and it is unable to generate directions. I have prepared guidelines many times, but as soon as I started driving it,The owner of Google Pixel 2, which runs Android 11, states on Reddit.

Previously, it was discovered that the GPS bug was due to incorrectly configured permissions for the Waze app on Android 11, so the workaround was to give it permanent access to the location.

However, these users claim that the waze is not even setalways“Reaching the place makes things back to normal.

Meanwhile, the Waze listing in the Google Play Store is replete with comments from people who are not able to use the app due to GPS errors.

This app used to be very good, but for the last one week it has become completely unusable. And, based on many other reviews, my experience is not unique. It is constantly searching for GPS (when, by the way, all the other apps on my phone have no problem getting GPS location data), it can’t figure out which way I’m going, so the map always I see I am going in the wrong direction. It really sucks at this point,“Explains a user.

The good news is that a fix for the wedge is almost here, and Google plans to publish it as soon as this week. It remains to be seen, however, if all these problems are resolved by new updates.


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