We would not have the first image of the black hole without Katie Bouman

Algorithmic badistance

It took a team of more than 200 scientists to create the first black hole event horizon image, and the internet is now in love with one of them.

Computer scientist Katie Bouman led the development of the algorithm that made the black hole image possible, and shortly after the event, the Horizon Telescope team revealed the photo on Wednesday, another image – this is a picture of Bouman that he posted on his Facebook page – Started making the rounds online.

"Seeing with disbelief how the first image I made of a black hole was in the process of being reconstructed," the 29-year-old wrote about the photo, which was later shared by all the members of CNN to Kamala Harris.

Here is the moment when the first image of the black hole was processed, from the eyes of the researcher Katie Bouman. #EHTBlackHole #BlackHoleDay #BlackHole (v /@dfbarajas) pic.twitter.com/n0ZnIoeG1d

– MIT CSAIL (@MIT_CSAIL) April 10, 2019

Women who code

However, the frenzy of online photos was not over.

Many on Twitterverse and beyond noted the similarities between a Bouman image with lots of hard drives containing image data from black holes and a picture of another computer scientist, Margaret Hamilton, standing next to the stacks of code she wrote to help to NASA to put astronauts. on the moon in 1969.

However, Bouman, who is now an badistant professor of computer science and mathematical sciences at the California Institute of Technology, is quick to note that the creation of the first image of the black hole was not a one-woman job.

"None of us could have done it alone," she said. CNN. "He joined because of the large number of people from different backgrounds."

Left: Katie Bouman, computer scientist at MIT, with hard drive stacks with black hole image data.

On the right: MIT computer scientist, Margaret Hamilton, with the code she wrote, which helped put a man on the moon.

(image credit @floragraham)#EHTblackhole #BlackHoleDay #BlackHole pic.twitter.com/Iv5PIc8IYd

– MIT CSAIL (@MIT_CSAIL) April 10, 2019

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