We tried Peeps Pepsi and it tasted like the Easter treat

Maybe you’ve heard of a little thing called Pepsi flavored with Peeps? Which, as you may also know, is not called “Peepsi”. When this viral collaboration was announced yesterday, people were lost, so when we got a chance to test it out for ourselves, we knew we had to share our findings with all of you. Turns out, the drink tastes exactly how you’d expect it … but it’s also somehow still extremely disconcerting.

We should start this review by saying that you can’t actually buy cans of these things in stores. You will have to win the Pepsi and Peeps giveaways in order to get one. So in case you can’t prove it for yourself, consider me your guide on how you actually taste this.

Kristin salaky

The soda comes in three mini cans inspired by Peeps’ popular three-tone colors: pink, yellow, and purple. There is no difference between the cans in terms of flavors, but I found myself opening a yellow can because it screams classic Peeps. I was surprised to find that it smelled mostly like typical Pepsi with a hint of sweetness … well, added sweetness I guess. That makes sense because when you take a sip for the first time, you are hit by an immediate wave of caramel flavor, kind of like biting into a Peep.

I got to try some of the other limited edition Pepsi flavors in recent months, like Apple Pie and Hot Cocoa, and this had a similar vibe. It was marshmallow (obviously!), Sweet (obviously!), And it still had a lot of distinctive Pepsi flavor. Basically, I knew exactly what you’re probably imagining when you hear about Peeps Pepsi … like they melted one of those iconic girls and mixed it with cola. But somehow, when he was drinking it, he just couldn’t understand it. How did they make it know like this? Why does this exist? There are Really Melted peeps here? And maybe Lucky Charms marshmallows too? The world may never know.

While I’m all for a crazy food combo, this is one that I probably won’t drink every day simply because it’s SO SO sweet. But like eating the whole ear of a bunny cake on Easter, it’s fun to have some seasonal foods when they arrive, even if it’s a little too much for your taste buds. At the very least, you’ll have plenty of bragging rights.

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