We may only be a few days away from seeing a black hole for the first time in history – BGR

As much as astronomers know about black holes, it's a lot, trust me, it's a shock that humanity has never seen one. Everything science knows about black holes is based on inference rather than witnessing one with our own eyes (electronic or otherwise), but that may be about to change.

The Event Horizon Telescope project plans to reveal the first images of a black hole, and the international group of researchers working on the project has something very big to show the world this week. We may be a few days away from seeing a black hole for the first time.

As you may have guessed, this is a big problem. Researchers from Event Horizon will do everything possible with the announcement, which is scheduled for Wednesday, and will hold press conferences in several languages ​​simultaneously around the world.

The official announcement promises a lot of information, as well as "audiovisual material", that we can only hope to include the first images of a black hole.

Countless theories, calculations and estimates have been made about black holes, which leads science to suspect a kind of black jet "well" with a gravitational attraction so intense that nothing can escape it. However, the appearance of a real black hole could differ significantly. There is a lot at stake in what we see on Wednesday, and although we have seen black holes in science fiction for decades, we may be surprised.

The images, once we see them, will have been possible thanks to a network of telescopes from all over the planet that will work in unison to look deeper into the galaxy than ever before. The main objective of the Event Horizon Telescope project has always been the image of a black hole, and now they are only a few days away from fulfilling that promise.

The announcement is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. EST on Wednesday, April 10. And the entire event will be transmitted online through Facebook, as well as the official ESO website.

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