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We have Mario amiibo cereal in our hands, this is what makes

It's a small chip in the box

Oh, hey, Nintendo sent the legendary cereal box Mario amiibo (and a wooden spoon / red bowl), full of mushrooms and crispy covered with jelly.

Wait, a cereal and an amiibo? Yes, it's a two-in-one deal type, with a little interaction with Super Mario Odyssey in Switch. How small? Well, I'll let you watch the video below me winning two coins to judge (a heart is also possible). In my tests, I opened one or three coins or a heart, and I was able to use it as many times as I wanted. You can also scan the "delicious amiibo" in Uncle Amiibo to get an extra Power Moon search engine.

As for the box itself, it's quite standard, but in the back corner you'll find a "scan" section that is unique to this cereal brand. You only have to hold the NFC chip in the scanner (which is a bit annoying for the Controller Pro since it does not have a raised area to scan) after pressing the right button of the sliding keyboard, and you're It is good to go. The real chip is inside the box, not anywhere in the cereal container.

That's literally. It's a small feature that I know (to the delight of people who do not like the unblocking frequency of amiibo), but as some people were interested in the internal workings of the box and what the chip actually did, I thought that I would share The cereal will be released "as early as December 11," according to Nintendo.

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