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Screenshot: a game of Thrones

After several bombs and False starts, and A great mod that doesn’t count because it’s a mod, There is a very good, official in the end game of Thrones Video game. And all the developers had to do was port A. Board games for pc.

As we have written about load many times here, game of Thrones Board game is an all time classic. The mixture The riskWith an abundant strategy of deceit and luck, it is not only a great game in itself, but also an ideal adaptation of the top-level themes of the universe.

Still, and I cannot stress this enough, turning that board game into a successful video game was not a sure thing. Board games are played with tangible units and friends / enemies in a physical space, sitting at a table in front of you. Such a video game is usually played solo against AI (although in this case there is online multiplayer if you can’t move around with your crew like the first times), On the same PC that few can run with few clicks Crusader kings or total War.

You only get to see some other recent high profile board game adaptations like Grass cutting And Terraforming MarsSee how easy it is to mess up. Both of them, in the board game space Titan, Their digital experience was similar to physical, making the purchase of video game versions and games virtually worthless.

This is when developers go that extra mile, and take advantage of the medium they are adopting to board games, these types of titles really shine. Tokaido It knows. As Does North Sea Raiders.

Thankfully it does game of Thrones. Back by the same studio Raiders (Dyer Wolf), the same principles that made it such a digital port. This is the same game I’ve loved on the tabletop, yes, but here on a PC it looks and plays like a video game.

For example, the board game’s Bland wooden miniatures are replaced with fully animated footmen, knights, siege engines, and ships, each of which have struts and shuffles around the map as if they strayed straight out. . Civilization v. The battle is also performed brilliantly, with the loser-stricken heroes off the board with violent slashes.

Another nice touch, and borrowed again Raiders, Is that Game of Thrones routinely exceeds all dashes for free. There are also several scenarios you can play, both useful as tutorials and just specific challenges, with the added benefit that they are also tied to specific strategic changes throughout the story.


Screenshot: a game of Thrones

As for the game itself, well, As we said it’s awesome, Only here it is faster and cleaner and contains very few admin functions. It also manages to incorporate a more formal way of applying the constant need of a board game to nudge blink, which allows you to team up with AI under certain circumstances, but in a way The rules are not binding, the risk of the original present left unfaithful.

The only disappointment I have run into is the fact that this is just the premise, the original version of the game, missing its excellent expansion, and that it is only available on PC and Mac, when the mobile version will, this competition looking at. Be even better when it comes to strategy games against your Steam library.


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