We finally got a (brief) look at the Gollum game

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Screenshot: Daedalic / Nacon Entertainment

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum It won’t be out until 2022, but developers from German studio Daedalic Entertainment shared a short snippet of the game during today’s Future Games Show.

Unlike action oriented Lord of the Rings games like Shadow of Mordor, It seems as if Gollum It will leverage the strengths of its eponymous protagonist by focusing more on stealth. GollumThe split personality will also be featured throughout the game, but details are still scant on its implementation.

“We are concentrating on the character of Gollum, and we tell his story before we know what happens to him in the books,” said Carsten Fichtelmann, CEO of Daedalic. He said Pc gamer in 2019. “We look for ways to tell stories that have not been shown in the movies. We will tell the story of a character with whom we are familiar, but without repeating what you already know. “

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum It will be available next year on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.


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