We do not make decisions based on petitions

After George Floyd’s death, the crowds raised by Black Lives Matter have come not only to cities and statues, but also to people and brands. It came to the Washington Redskins – canceled. It came for the police show – canceled. It came for Auntie Jemima, Rice Crispies, Goya, Lady Antebellum – the list never ends. When it came to Trader Joes recently, the grocery company responded loudly and clearly: We do not bow to the canceled crowd.

“A few weeks ago, an online petition to remove racist packaging was called on us. [our] Products, ” the merchant said in a statement last week. He said, “Following the erroneous reports, the petition was moved to take action.” We want to be clear: We disagree that any of these labels are racist. We do not make decisions based on petitions. “

The petition, aired on Change.com, demands that the company “remove racist branding and packaging.” It reads, “The grocery chain labels some of its ethnic foods with revisions to that which believe in a story of foreignism that upholds harmful stereotypes. For example, the ‘Trader Ming’ is used to brand Chen’s Chinese food, Joe Arabian Joe ‘brand of Middle Eastern foods,’ Trader Jose ‘brand of Mexican foods, der Trader’s Gotto’ For Italian food, and der Trader Joe ‘San calls its brands. Japanese food. “

The petition states the establishment of Trader Joe’s, alleging that it was inspired by “a racist book and a controversial theme park attraction” and that “foreignism” would be abolished.

Trader Joe’s has no option. Like any successful business, the company explained that it happily changes when they are warranted.[s] What customers buy, as well as feedback is based on feedback from our customers and crew members. “When the sale of certain products or names stops, the trader who says when it closes those items:” This is what we do. “

The company accepted ethnic branding, saying the “buying team” began using those names “decades ago”.

“We thought – and still do – that this naming of products can be fun and show appreciation for other cultures,” said Trader Joe’s. “For example, we named our Mexican beer ‘Trader Jose Premium’ and referred to a kidney as ‘The Avocado’s Number’ for a couple. These products have been really popular with our customers, Including some budding mathematicians. “

The petitioners continued to sign the petition, saying that Trader Joe’s had gained a lot of support for its branding recently.[] These name adaptations are largely viewed in exactly the way they were intended – as an attempt to have fun with our product marketing. “

“Trader Joe’s has been a unique, fun and neighborly place to shop for over 50 years,” the company said. “We look forward to taking care of our amazing customers for many decades to come.”

This is as they do.

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