We do not have anyone to blame for the manual minus Turbo Mazda6, but we ourselves


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Today, we have the official look and specifications of the new 2018 Mazda6, which will come with a turbocharged torsion engine. Amazing! What was not so amazing was the fact that the turbocharged version will not come with a manual option. Damn it, guys!

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Here's the Mazda6 turbocharged 2018 with a much nicer interior and 310 lb.-ft. of torque

The Mazda6 never needed much. It seemed incredible, it was very fun to drive and it even came with …

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Today I sat down with Masashi Otsuka, who is the vice president of R & D and design for Mazda. According to him, the Mazda6 will not come with a manual option because there simply is not enough demand from the US. UU To justify it. Mazda believes that a turbocharged engine coupled to a manual transmission is exciting, "but for business, it's difficult."

There is a manual Mazda6 diesel in Europe, because of course there is more willingness of the customer to handle the manuals. "Everything is customer demand," Otsuka said. (If it's important, you can get a Honda Accord with the turbocharged engine and a manual.)

However! However, it did not seem that the idea of ​​a manual Mazda6 was completely out. "Today, it's not available," Otsuka told me. "But we are studying for the future." If customers make a buzz: "Do a manual," then our management can make a decision. "

Do you hear it, purists? If you make enough noise, you may be able to change Mazda's way of thinking, and if I know purists, I know you're incredibly good at making noise, especially when you're outraged. 19659009] Here are some other things you can try to change the opinion of Mazda, too.At this time, a Mazda6 with all-wheel drive is not currently in process.However, for regions suffering from inclement weather, Mazda wants to offer some options

"The company is very much behind AWD," a voracious Mazda spokesman said: "It's on our radar. We are listening. "

I asked about possible future Mazdaspeed options." Otsuka hummed and was quiet for a second, finally saying that the current situation is "difficult."

Really, I think it all boils down to profits. Mazda that certain things (like an AWD Mazdaspeed6 with a manual) make financial sense, then Mazda will probably do it, we just have to make a fuss, a pretty loud fuss.

And maybe not all hope is lost.

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