We didn’t really need “Tamra Braxton: Yes to get life”

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The level of need of every personality is weak while doing reality television to make the show worth watching. They have to be ready to go into detail about the things going on in their lives. Good, bad and sometimes ugly.

But there is a difference between being open and vulnerable to a personality, and a person being exaggerated at a particularly troubled time in their life. This is not good TV, but to capitalize on one’s pain. If you ask me, I would like to see the same Tamar Braxton: Yes Get Life.

I get what the show was supposed to be. Fans were going to see Braxton rebuilding his life to achieve his intended happy ending. After her very public divorce, she saw that she fell in love with David Adefeso again. She was furthering her music career on her own. She was trying with her family to cope with the trauma of falling, many friends, childhood pain, and different means to cope with the things that fulfill her dreams. It was probably going to be a good television.

The first episode, however, was not hot and fuzzy. We saw that people put their agenda ahead of his needs. Mona Scott-Young was persuaded to do the show, though she was clearly unsure and emotional. Adefeso said of not having sex with her for 45 days as part of her attempts to analyze her dreams, which she felt would help her reach her highest potential. There was a music producer who was trying to get her to churn out a hit, not paying attention to the fact that Braxton claimed she couldn’t sing because she lost her voice. He could not withstand his apparent lack of desire to record at the moment. And then there was the producer of the show, who still wanted to make the film when he could not do so physically and emotionally.

And nothing, everything just felt sad. To clarify, She Not sad, and I don’t pity him. He is giving protection. What I mean is, despite her trademark exaggerated gestures and expressions, the weight of the burden she carries is clearly heavy. It is not easy to start something with your sisters and then years later, it should not be good with most of them. It is not easy to lose your manager and your husband in one and start your profession from scratch. Being a person of faith is not easy and you feel that you will be emotionally overwhelmed if things do not work as expected. Now I can relate to that part. And trying to be a parent is not easy to do all of the above. So to see someone show the insecurities that comes with trying to pull it all together, seems wrong, especially when you know that the possibility of the show airing normally pushed him to the brink . She knew that the one captured was more hurt than helpful.

Braxton is, in most cases, entertaining. You see it in the highlights of this series. Still, he is not a show dog or a puppet when those behind the camera need to say “rolling”! He was entitled to the opportunity to deal with his demons away from the glare of others. Not trying to evaluate her breakdown with producers, not with the dream coach, and certainly not on national television.

I am not the only person who felt that way. Hit the flip to see the reactions to the premiere of Tamar Braxton: Yes Get Life.

Tamar Braxton Show

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“So I stumbled upon the premiere of Tamar New reality Display..It’s so uncomfortable to watch the footage, “Twiiter user @About the first episode “Shame on you all. “The Twitter user tagged WE TV and Mona Scott-Young in their comments.


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