‘We are committed to Drew Lock’

The Denver Broncos made their debut in Las Vegas against their old foe in the second half of the season in the hopes of starting a notch better than before. Alas, through a series of self-inflicted wounds and an opponent that executes at a high level, the Broncos fell to the Raiders 37-12, dropping 3-6 on the season.

While there was much to blame for going around, the Lynchpin quarterback for the Broncos’ clash was Drew Lock. Four intercepts of the day from tangled guns ended, including one in the end zone, and was irregular throughout.

Missing from Locke’s performance in Vegas was the fourth production of the two preceding games. Although Locke threw a touchdown in the final frame, it was an impotent finish to an inconsistent and at times mournful game.

Locke finished the day 23-of-47 for 257 yards with the aforementioned garbage-time touchdown and four picks. His QB rating? A vesicle 37.3.

After Lock’s third interception, all eyes were on Vic Fangio to see if the head coach would make a quarterback change in the game and sit down. Fangio stuck with Locke in Vegas and revealed after the game that the Broncos had no plans to change the most important position on the field.

“We’re committed to Drew and the more he can play, the better he’ll be,” Fangio said post-game. He got to fight through it like most young quarterbacks do at some points in his career and we want him to continue playing. “

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Although some fans, and many in Denver media, are calling for Locke’s head and Brett Ripian is being ruled to campaign, Fangio and the Broncos are taking long scenes and standing behind their young thong quarterback .

Fangio stressed the need for the Broncos to take a “good, hard look” at the failures of the passing game and acknowledged that “everyone’s fingerprints” are on display for lack of offense. At this stage, the team has to wonder about Locke’s state of confidence, which Fangio accepted after the game.

“Fungio said,” there is only one way to rebuild it. “You have to get back to work and start experiencing good games. We have to prepare our passing game and our offense and our running game where he can be more successful. I see great throws by him , I get to see very good catches by our receivers, but we think we play or two where we throw a pick or stop a drive. So, we have become more consistent and more efficient. “

With the rise of the Miami Dolphin squad led by Tua Tagovelloa on a docking, there will be no rest for the weary. In yet another litmus test, Locke will be measured head-to-head against the brightest, youngest quarterback in the game and one of the hottest teams in the AFC.

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