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Ways in which the MCU ruined the infinite glove


The trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is out, and we're all going crazy about how epic this movie will be. Seriously, this movie looks absolutely amazing! At the same time, comic book enthusiasts can not help noticing that it is a quite different story from that told in Thanos Quest, The Infinity Gauntlet and other comics surrounding Thanos and the soul gems / Infinite stones. The MCU made important changes in various aspects of Infinity Gauntlet and the stones within it. However, were all these changes intentional or were some errors?

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Looking back and looking forward, we found changes that altered the story in a way that eliminated portions of the original arcs of the story, changes that they combined clbadic Marvel items that did not need to be combined in ways that did not always make sense, and some changes that made no sense at all. And let's not forget that time when Marvel had to press the reset button. However, the film will still be great, so to get some clarity from systems around the world before May 2018, we have found 15 things that the MCU completely ruined or was wrong about the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet. [19659005] 15 . THE GAUNTLET WINE AFTER THE STONES

In the trailer for Infinity War we saw an Infinity Stone lock in its place in the Infinity Gauntlet, as if it had a magnetic attraction on it. That was great, but if we look at the comics, the real Infinity Gauntlet was like a late occurrence. When Thanos looks at the Infinite Well and learns the true power of the Soul Gems, the Infinite Glove does not even exist. Thanos traces the six gems without the gauntlet, and holds them or puts them in a stasis field until he has them all.

Only after gaining unlimited power does he create the Infinite Glove, which in reality is only a glove glorification. Showing the gauntlet at the end of Age of Ultron noted that the Infinity War was coming, but the Infinity Gauntlet technically should not have appeared on the MCU yet.



When the Tesseract became the Space Stone, it lost an incredible amount of energy. The Tesseract, also known as the Cosmic Cube, was originally created by A.I.M. using interdimensional energy from the realm of the Beyonders. The cube had the power to alter reality, and anyone who handled it was considered almighty. Thanos actually went after the cube before the Infinity Gauntle t series.

Then the MCU got control of the cube and they turned it into … the space stone? First, there is no need to merge two known elements, especially when they can stand on their own. Secondly, if a cube that alters reality has to be an infinite stone, should not stone be what alters reality? The Tesseract was the first Infinite Stone that appeared in the MCU, so it could have been the Stone of Reality.



Okay, seeing Thanos taking the Stone out of Vision's mind was simply amazing, but there was no precedent in the comics. The Vision has some kind of gem in its forehead, but its purpose was to absorb the energy of the sun, not to read the minds. The vision is already strangely powerful, so why do you need an Infinite Stone?

The Stone of Mind should really be with the Grand Master, who is trying to win the other five Infinite Stones of Thanos in a game. The Grand Master cheats and tries to kill Thanos, but the plan does not go too well, and Thanos ends up with the six gems. To be fair, the way in which Ragnarok ended, it really does not make sense for the Grand Master to have the Stone of Mind, but that still does not explain why the Vision ever had it.


  eye ​​of agamotto

Again, why do we take important objects and convert them into Infinity Stones? The Eye of Agamotto was not as powerful as the Cosmic Cube, but it is still incredibly powerful, and the range of its abilities is extensive. The eye can be used to probe a mind, see someone's soul, see past events, teleport through the universe, open portals to other dimensions, create mystical barriers and place people in suspended animation (and that's just the tip of the iceberg) .

With so many powers, the eye could be basically justified like any Infinite Stone, but that does not change the fact that it is an impressive object in itself, or that Dr. Strange actually used the Eye of Agamotto during the fight against Thanos in Infinity Gauntlet .


  infinite colors

Some of these changes / errors make sense. Some changes were made to simplify the story, adapt it to the direction the MCU was going or try to correct the errors. Then we have some that simply do not make any sense, and the colors of the Infinite Stones are one of them. This is not difficult, people: the Power Gem is red, the Time Gem is orange, the Reality Gem is yellow, the Soul Gem is green, the Mental Gem is blue and the Space Gem is purple.

Compare that with the MCU stones: the power stone is purple, the time stone is green, the reality stone is red, the soul stone is orange, the mind stone is yellow and the space stone is blue. What? Why? Ten years of cinematic accumulation, and they did not even achieve the correct colors. ANY OF THEM.


  collector of infinite stones

First we learned the origin of the Infinite Stones MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy where Old the Collector explains his origins. "Before creation itself, there were six singularities, then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged in … Infinity Stones." It's a good story, but that's not how it came to be in the comics

In the series of two numbers Thanos Quest Thanos reveals that the Infinite Stones (then called the Soul Gems) came from an all-powerful being that existed before the universe. The being became so lonely that he decided to end his life, and his destruction caused the formation of most of the multiverse. The gems of the soul were what remained of the being after this event.


  stone of useless reality

When Thanos joins the Infinite Stones for the first time, he is one of the few beings who understands how powerful they are. This makes sense for some of the less intelligent owners of Soul Gem (like Champion), but even the smartest as the collector are deceived. The collector changed to Thanos the gem of reality for the children's runner (to put in his collection), and later commented that Thanos had made a terrible exchange. After studying it in all the ways he knew, the Collector determined that the stone was useless.

It's a bit weird then that the Collector is the one who shows the Galaxy Guardians how powerful the stones are, and that he receives the Asgardian Reality Stone after all the problems he caused in Thor: The Dark World . The Infinite Stones are a kind of cosmic secret, and their powers should be difficult to detect.


  infinity retcon

Ok, this was a big mistake, Marvel had to come back and fix it. Or at least they tried. You may remember seeing the Infinity Gauntlet with the six stones in Odin's vault since Thor . Then, the real Infinity Gauntlet appeared at the end of Age of Ultron and we had a continuity problem. This was retconned in Ragnarok when Hela said that the one in the vault was false.

The fake glove does not get rid of all our problems. It is badumed that Thanos has created the Infinity Gauntlet, so if there is a replica in Odin's vault, Thanos has already used the Infinity Gauntlet? And if it was not Thanos, did someone else pick up the six stones? Either there is a cosmic level event that we have not been informed of, or the MCU still needs some retconning.


  space stone

The Tesseract could have been on earth in comics, but that was because it was created by A.I.M. Like an infinite stone, it would not have been close to Earth. In Thanos Quest the Elder named Runner had the Space Gem, and he used his warping power in space-time to run even faster than normal. After taking Thanos by surprise, the Elder decides that he wants the Soul Gems for him and threatens to kill Thanos.

Unfortunately for the Runner, Thanos has the Gem of Time and turns the Runner into an old man and then a baby. The Runner has not appeared on the MCU, so it's not surprising that we have not seen it. Still, what they did in their place did not have any similarity at all.


  red space stone skull

Is the Tesseract the Space Stone, or is it really the Power Stone in disguise? In Captain America: The first avenger the Red Skull uses the Tesseract to feed weapons. At the end of Thor Fury says that it could be the key to unlimited energy. In The Avengers Eric Selvig calls it a source of power.

In the comics, it is quite clear that there is only one stone that can be made by itself. The Space Gem is powerful, but its abilities are limited to manipulation related to space, because it is the Spatial Gem. Should the Tesseract teleport to Red Skull when he touches it? Yes. Should I open a portal when it is powered by Stark Tower? Yes. Can you strengthen the weapons of an army and give the world unlimited energy? Mmm no. That would fall under the dominion of Power Stone.



Unlike Time Stone or Space Stone, which the MCU fused with well-known Marvel articles, Reality Stone had no reason to be so. The strange thing they called him Aether. Aether comes from Greek mythology: it was what the gods breathed, it was what existed in the space between the stars and it did not mean anything important in Marvel before Thor: The Dark World .

So, why the hell did they take the Stone of Infinity that could literally bend reality and turn it into a water parasite that was pure evil? And why this particular stone has gained sensitivity (although originally it was not part of Nemesis as in the comics) and not the others? Come on, Marvel, you can do better than that.


  stone land time

There are a couple of problems with the Stone of Time that is on Earth. First, of course, is the fact that none of the Infinite Stones was on Earth and a being called Gardener really had the Stone of Time on a garden-like planet. He was not the most exciting character so the change was probably for the best (he used an Infinity stone to grow plants), but this also means that until Thor took the Tesseract to Asgard, there were two Infinite Stones on Earth. 19659007] An entire universe, and a third of the Infinite Stones are on some backward planet like Earth? Apart from the fact that the odds are astronomically against that, how did that go unnoticed? Would not the presence of two Infinite Stones have drawn attention from somewhere in the cosmos?


  7 gems of infinity

A side effect of the Infinite Stones not being pieces of an omnipotent being is that it rules out the existence of the seventh Infinite Stone, as well as the be almighty Herself During the series Avengers / Ultraforce we learn that a seventh stone known as the gem of the ego contains the essence of Nemesis, the cosmic being from which the gems come. Nemesis reconstitutes herself once the seven gems are united, and the Avengers, Ultraforce and a host of alternative universe superheroes are needed to stop her.

With the MCU taking a non-entity route with the Infinity Stones, it is not likely that we will see the Ego Gem or Nemesis in the MCU soon. Not unless Marvel plans to drastically change the purpose of the stone and the origins of Nemesis, which frustrates the whole purpose.


  Infinity lackeys

On the MCU, Thanos recruited Loki and Ronan to bring him two of the Infinity Stones, and does not seem excited when he finally decides to go after the stones himself. Basically it is the opposite attitude that has in the comics, where he goes personally after the Gems of the soul. He did not use lackeys. Never. In fact, when searching for the gems of the soul, Thanos is acting as the lackey of the lady's death.

So MCU Thanos has minions. He also used a lackey to talk to Ronan in the same way that Death talked to him in the comics. At the rate we're going, we may not see Mistress Death on the MCU, which would eliminate one of the most fascinating elements in the entire story of Infinity Gauntlet . Of course, there are rumors that Hela will play this role, although she talks too much to do it justice.


  powerful stone

In the series Thanos Quest we find some beings who really do not know what their gems do. What we never find is a gem of the soul completely abandoned. Seriously, the Power Stone was so easy to get at the MCU, Star Lord managed to do it while dancing. DANCING. According to Guardians of the Galaxy the planet Morag was abandoned. So why did they leave an Infinite Stone sitting when they left?

From the look in the building that housed the stone and the energy field it was in, whoever lived in Morag obviously knew that stone was important. Then, why would they leave it behind on the planet? Even if they had a good reason, the planet was abandoned for a long time, then why did it take so long for someone to find it?

What wrong fact is the worst? Let us know in the comments!

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