Water crisis affects millions in Texas after deadly winter storm

Millions of Americans in the South are heading for another night of freezing temperatures no clean water or enough to eat. At food banks and water distribution sites, lines now stretch up to a mile.

President Biden says he will sign a new emergency declaration for the state of Texas, where half the state is still under a boil water advisory. Millions more in Louisiana and Mississippi face the same crisis Friday night.

Things are so bad in San Antonio that firefighters struggled to get water out of hydrants to fight a huge fire. Thousands of homes have been destroyed by burst pipes and families are now concerned how are they going to pay for cleaning.

At least 44 deaths have been linked to severe weather this week. The economic cost of the storms could reach $ 50 billion.

In Houston, Andrew Rudnick has called in at least 100 plumbers to repair his burst pipes. Rudnick and his wife Megan have a 6-month-old daughter, Reese, and are desperate for help.

“How does it feel to have a 6-month-old baby and not have water in your house for days and days?” Asked CBS News.

“It’s scary having to ask a neighbor to use their outdoor hose to fill a pot to boil water for your baby’s bottles,” Megan said.

They are also concerned about mold and may have to tear down the walls themselves.

“It’s definitely overwhelming, we’re just talking about where we’re going to stay tonight,” Andrew Rudnick said.

Half of the state’s population, more than 14 million, still do not have clean water. In the Dallas area, they are preparing to distribute 25,000 food kits this weekend. Beyond Texas, taps are dry in parts of Louisiana and Mississippi as crews race to de-ice mains of frozen water.

The storm stopped millions in their tracks, but not Jenny Passman’s baby. She had to give birth in her living room, without electricity or running water.

It could be next week before the boil water warning is lifted, according to Texas officials.

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