WatchOS 7.4: Apple Watch Features Coming Soon That We Think You’ll Love


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The Apple watch will soon make you unlock your iPhone less hassle while wearing a mask. It will also bring AirPlay 2 support to the new Apple version. Fitness Plus training service. Apple hasn’t revealed an official release date for its next round of software updates, but the WatchOS 7.4 public beta gives us a glimpse of all the new features we can expect to hit the Apple Watch in the coming weeks.

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Unlock with Apple Watch

With the latest WatchOS 7.4 update (and iOS 14.5 on iPhone), you can opt for a feature on iPhone that allows you to use Apple Watch to authenticate Face ID when your face is covered.

To activate the feature, both the Apple Watch and the iPhone must be running the latest version of their respective software and must be password protected.

Toggle the function on the iPhone below the Face ID and password in settings and make sure your Apple Watch is unlocked and on your wrist. You may need to type your password on the first try, but after this, you should be able to swipe up to unlock the iPhone with Face ID.

The watch will give you an alert and a haptic response to let you know that your iPhone has been unlocked.

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What’s new in iOS 14.5?


Cast Fitness Plus on Airplay 2 devices


Fitness Plus offers you two types of exercise recommendations: either more of what you like or something new to balance your routine.

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If you have an Apple Watch and are testing it Apple’s new Fitness Plus service, now you have more ways to exercise. You can now stream the Apple Watch training service on any device or TV with AirPlay 2. At launch, the service was only available for viewing on an iPhone, iPad, or a newer version of Apple TV.

You will still need to select a workout in the Fitness Plus app on your iPhone or iPad. Then press the broadcast icon in the lower right corner of the screen or select mirror screen in the quick settings section to send content to a device.

The Apple Watch will get many of the same features found in iOS 14.5, including the 217 new emoji and the option to change your default music. Apple also released updates for iPadOS and TVOS.

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