Watchmakers build a life-size Chevy truck with 300,000 LEGO bricks – TechCrunch

Behold, the LEGO Chevrolet Silverado. The full-sized truck is basically a giant ad for Chevy and the new LEGO movie, due out in February. Apparently, they have to fight against Duplo blocks from outer space. No, seriously, that's the plot.

Anyway, the Silverado 2019 is six feet tall, weighs 3,307 pounds and took 18 builders 2,000 hours to bademble the 334,544 pieces at a LEGO Master Builders store in Connecticut. Chevy says it is the first of its vehicles that will be built on a large scale in this way.

The video lasts just over half a minute, but offers interesting information about how a team of people who are paid to build things with LEGO use computer models to complete the task.

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