Watch Weezer’s video for the new song “All My Favorite Songs”

Weiser has shared the lead single on his next album Ok man. It comes with a new video. See “All My Favorite Songs” below.

Weiser announced Ok man earlier this week. The record arrives on January 29 via Atlantic. When the news of their next record broke, the band convinced fans that their first L.P. Van weiser Will still be released on 7 May. According to a press release, Ok man The beach is inspired by boys’ Pet voice. It also accepts the title tribute. Ok computer And clarifies that Ok man Seems to be “nothing like that record.” Find the album’s tracklist below.

Last year, Weiser recorded a song called “Beginning of the End (Weld Styles Edit)” Bill and Ted Face the Music. In 2019, the group released two albums: their collection of covers Teal album And his latest studio LP The black album.

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Ok man:

01 all my favorite songs
02 Potato Gobi
03 Grapes of Wrath
04 number
05 playing my piano
06 mirror image
07 screen
08 bird with a broken wing
09 dead roses
10 everything happens for a reason
11 it rains here
12 la bra tar pits


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