Watch Today: Expects to Re-issue Guidelines for California Theme Parks

ANAHEIM, California (KABC) – Gov. Gavin Newsom said guidelines for the reopening of theme parks in the state are expected to be announced on Tuesday.Newsom said Monday during a coronovirus briefing that state Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Gali would provide updates on theme parks.

Go back here in the afternoon to watch the press conference.Newsom said, “We’re going to break up theme parks. It’s not just one or two brands. It’s a lot of different parts, which are part of the theme park industry.” “But” abuse, we’ll update you on those guidelines tomorrow. ”

The state recently sent a task force to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to review its management of the crisis and security protocols.

“I hope someone recognizes our insistence on health first, with the data-driven decision-making process open to our eyes, which is now happening worldwide,” Newsom said. “… we have to maintain that vigilance so that we can avoid further increase in transmission.”

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Disneyland, Notts Berry Farms and other theme parks have been closed in California since the early days of the coronovirus epidemic in March.

Anaheim’s tourist-based economy has been particularly difficult due to the closure. Many small businesses and independent hotels have closed in waiting for the theme park to reopen. The Parks, Experiences and Products division of the Walt Disney Company, which includes Disneyland, recently announced 28,000 layoffs.

Big Bertha’s Pizza in Anaheim has been in business for almost three decades, but a family-run shop, like many other businesses around Disneyland, may be forced to close its doors. About 45% of their business comes from tours around Disneyland.

With the closing of the park, as well as the Convention Center and Honda Center, they have taken a big hit at their bottom.

“It’s completely devastating,” said Joclien Campos. “We have not seen anything opened 25 years ago.

Unions representing Disney’s employees sent a letter to Newsom on Monday urging them to allow the theme park to reopen.

Newsom: ‘no hurry’ to reopen theme park

Unions representing about 10,000 Disneyland workers told Newsom in June that opening the theme park was unsafe. But they now say that Disney has a test program and measures for personal protective equipment and ventilation.

“We are confident that Disneyland will be able to reopen completely safely once these protocols are in place,” said UFCW 324 President Andrea Jinder.

Unions have insisted the governor and Disney take action to increase security measures, which the company says has done so.

Those waiting to return to work say it is an emotional roller coaster.

Disneyland employee Coleen Palmer said, “I know everyone wants to come back to see each other because they can do it safely.

The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of ABC7.

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