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Watch the latest trailer from & # 39; Death Stranding & # 39; here

Kojima Productions gave an extended look at Death Stranding tonight at The Game Awards.

The trailer, the longest in the history of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley, says, takes a first look at the acting, the world and the gaming technology. The trailer stars again the actor Norman Reedus, of fame of The Walking Dead whose participation was announced for the first time in 2016 when the game was revealed for the first time. After what appears to be a shipwreck of some kind, crushing a character underneath, the trailer shows an invisible monster before a corpse evaporates completely, apparently due to the beast.

A brief allusion to the game's story reveals that the world of Death Stranding was hit by an explosion, which gave birth to some kind of way of life. The author of Reedus warns that another explosion is coming, one that will be the last.

"We're back together," creator Hideo Kojima said on stage after the trailer revealed.

"And nothing will stop us". this time, "Reedus replied, referring to the cancellation of Silent Hills by former Kojima employee Konami, the game also starred in Reedus and was being directed by Kojima.

No date was given. Concrete launch for the game.

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