Watch the Knightmare video reimagined in Justice League’s black and white Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder posted a new Justice League clip to promote the black and white version of the four-hour Snyder Cut available on HBO Max.

A new clip of Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueThe black and white version shows one of the Knightmare sequences from the film in monochrome. The Snyder Cut finally hit HBO Max on March 18 after years of fan campaigns and behind-the-scenes confusion. Snyder’s version of League of Justice It has been seen as a better version of the 2017 theatrical cut across the board, developing stories that were only hinted at in the original film’s two-hour runtime. Because Snyder was able to do almost anything he wanted (without a Green Lantern cameo), the director laid the groundwork for the future. League of Justice sequelae that are unlikely to happen.

Part of that involved a preview of the future of Knightmare after Darkseid finally hits earth and finds the anti-life equation. When Darkseid arrives on Earth (after somehow forgetting where he was after the first time he appeared), he ends up killing some members of the Justice League and trapping Superman in his evil plan. While the main sequence of Knightmare occurs during the film’s epilogue, the Snyder Cut also briefly provides another glimpse into this bleak future.

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Snyder posted that peek on Twitter in black and white in honor of HBO Max’s release of the second version of the Snyder Cut, titled The Justice is gray edition. The clip shows the Justice League in the midst of Superman’s resurrection when Cyborg has visions of the consequences of bringing the Kryptonian back to life. Darkseid can be seen murdering Aquaman and burning Wonder Woman’s body on a pyre as the League debates whether or not to go ahead with their plan. Check out the full clip below:

As noted in the tweet, the Justice is gray Editing appears to be another sentimental aspect of the Snyder Cut release, with the film’s unfinished version on Snyder’s computer in its black-and-white version for years. This version was also incomplete: there were no visual effects or music, but the movie was at least edited together. Snyder has said that this is his favorite version of the movie because of the Snyder Cut’s 4: 3 aspect ratio and black and white palette.

The Justice is gray The edit just hit HBO Max last night, and while it’s unlikely to be as big of a debut as the film’s color version, it’s another way for HBO Max to capitalize on the project. While both Snyder and WB have said they have no interest in continuing with SnyderVerse, the director urged fans to keep watching the Snyder Cut in hopes of getting a sequel. The black and white version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League It is likely to appeal to die-hard fans looking to see what the play will look like in this format, but whether or not it can attract casual viewers is unclear.

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