WATCH: NASA releases video of ‘Dust Devil’ on Mars surface

By: Tech Desk | New Delhi

Updated: September 15, 2020 9:03:43 am

NASA released video of ‘Dust Devil’ on the surface of MarsFrom the sometimes seductive and outraged Martine world, here comes another video of the definitely known phenomenon of ‘Dust Devils’. On September 13, US-based space agency NASA shared a video on Instagram, which appears to create dangerous whirlpools.

The agency said that on August 9, its ‘Curiosity Rover’ captured the spinning of the Wind Pole vortex called “Dust Devils”. It also reported that it was 16 feet (5 meters) wide and 164 feet (50 meters) long, while it was about one-third to half a mile away from the rover. Meanwhile, it attributed the wind season prevailing in the region to such constructions.

Currently, Curiosity’s location is on Mount Sharp, a summit within the Gayle Crater where the incident was recorded and left netizens in curious astonishment.

Such rotating columns of dust vary in size and can be as large as 20 km long as seen in March 2012 and in some instances it can be 50 meters and 650 meters long, of which the image , Were published by the University of Arizona.


In October 2019, NASA’s reconnaissance orbiter through its camera HiRISE caused a massive tornado that was created by the university in 2006.

In its entirety, it can pose a hindrance to plans for human installation on Mars, such that during a tornado, dust mites can rub against each other due to the extremely dry climate of the air, the emission of electric fields in the air Is leading to Planet.

How are these ‘dust devils’ formed?

These tornado structures can again be attributed to the extremely dry and high temperatures of the red planet. Due to heat, the surface heats up, making the ground warmer than the air above. As a result, less dense air rises on the ground, pushing cold air further while comparatively cold air pushes hot air down. This phenomenon leads to the vertical circulation of air and it then moves horizontally along the wind direction. This cause effect eventually produces dust devils.

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